Brain Drain #18

Brain Drain #18

Brain Drain
Brain Drain


A hearty welcome back to “Brain Drain,” the column devoted to nonsense found in and around our world.

“Brain Drain” gives us the opportunity to let go of all the goofy stuff that clogs our noggins.

So let’s pull the plug and see what empties out……




Back of the box





While enjoying my morning cereal, I found myself reading the back of the box.

There I noticed a promotion for fans of Spiderman which was created to resemble a comic book.




Spiderman starts his day with breakfast!
Spiderman starts his day with breakfast!




That’s when this panel caught my eye.

The figure was pouring a bowl of cereal.

But it didn’t look like cereal.

It reminded me of something else.  Something I couldn’t place.


Then it hit me!


Mmm, tots.
Mmm, tots.


Tater tots!

They were pouring a bowl of tater tots!

Kellogg’s Tater Tots cereal!

What do you serve with tots?…Melted butter?

Maybe it’s not Kellogg’s at all.  Maybe it’s a new breakfast cereal from Ore Ida!

The prize in every box could be a potato peeler!



OK, enough.  Let’s move on…..




Family Dilemma


Sprint logo



By far, my favorite tv commercial these days has to be for Sprint’s Truly Unlimited Data Plan.




The spot concerns a family sitting around the dinner table, trying to decide who deserves the most data on their current plan.


Sprint Truly Unlimited Data

Dad–  “Whoever has fathered the most children should get the most data.”

Mom–  “Why don’t we go by hair?”

Dad–  “Body hair?”

Young daughter–  (Slurring with a mouthful of braces)..”Most dental work.”

Dad–  (Aggravated.  Can’t understand what she just said)..”What?”


And so on and so on.  It just makes me laugh everytime I see it.  (And I’ve seen it a zillion times!)

Great job Sprint!



Finally, let’s move on to the other end of the ad spectrum…..



Bring back Mr. Whipple


Charmin bear


You’ve heard the age-old question “Do bears sh## in the woods?”

Well the answer is yes.



And apparently they use Charmin toilet paper as the company’s cartoon bears have made an (un)welcome return!


The Charmin bears are no stranger to My Odd Sock’s “Brain Drain,” as I referred to their ridiculousness many moons ago.  (Sorry for the pun!)


The ad campaign is focused on Baby Bear’s inability to wipe his ars.

You see, Junior has an issue with remnant toilet paper dingle berries.


Charmin 2


This aggravates the OCD Momma Bear who pulls out all the stops to eradicate the cub’s backside of the pesky white balls.


Charmin ad



Look at the fear in his young eyes as Momma goes from using a broom….to the Hoover vacuum cleaner!

What’s next?  Papa Bear’s belt sander?


My God would someone please call Children’s Services on this lady!

I predict Baby Bear will grow up with  self-esteem issues (not being clean enough)  which will lead to his addiction to crack.  (AGAIN with the pun!)


Enjoy the go


With all this going on, Charmin began using a new ad slogan…..”Charmin.  Enjoy the go.”


Enjoy the go?

If you are like me, I don’t really “enjoy” taking a deuce—it’s just something you have to do.  Like breathing.  Better to do it than not, right?

I mean, most folks don’t “enjoy the go.”  That’s why we read or some even have tv’s in the bath—taking our minds off what we are doing.

I think you’ll agree, a particular toilet paper won’t help us enjoy the situation any better.

Maybe Charmin should simply flush the new slogan.  (Stop me before I pun again!)



Phew, the drain has runneth empty!  And so we conclude “Brain Drain #18.”

Have something on your mind?  Feel free to throw your two bits in a comment.  You’ll feel better for it!

Rainbows & Unicorns.











3 Replies to “Brain Drain #18”

  1. Why is it so hard to grocery shop these days? Too many brands, flavors, types, etc. There used to be one type of Ritz cracker. I was at the grocery store this morning and there were at least 6 different types. As a kid there was one type of Oreo. I was excited when the “Double Stuff” came out. Was in the Oreo aisle, and there were probably a dozen types of Oreos, but I have been unable to find the “Candy Corn Oreos” they have been advertising. I know they sound weird, but I like both Oreos and candy corn, so for me it’s a win-win.

    I can no longer send someone to the grocery store for just one item for me, without them calling to ask me which one do I want. ME: “What?? Last time I bought the item, there was only one type. Now there are six flavors, in three different sizes??”

    Thanks for letting me drain………………

  2. Margaret,
    “Candy Corn Oreos?” Haven’t heard of them. I also like Oreos & candy corn. A combo of the two? Eh, I’d give it a try!

    Yes sir! We live in a great country!