The True/False MS Quiz

The True/False MS Quiz



Ready to challenge your brain?
Ready to challenge your brain?

How much do you really know about your multiple sclerosis?


Take this short true/false quiz to find out.


(I always loved true/false questions in school—at least I had a 50% chance of getting it correct!)



So sharpen your pencil and let’s begin…..



bathroom logo



(True or False)   The farther you are from a bathroom—the worse you have to go.





(True or False)   Sliding my butt across the shower chair makes a sound equivalent to the mating call of a moose.





(True or False)   The best part of finishing my “to-do” list…is the nap that follows.





(True or False)   The more your neurologist tries to explain your MS, the less he or she makes sense.



(True or False)   You don’t have a voracious appetite—you just end up spilling/dropping most of your dinner.



tribal picture


(True or False)   The word “Avonex” in the language of a jungle tribe means “voodoo water.”




True False



(True or False)   I have thoughts of having my power scooter “tricked-out” by the guys from “American Chopper.”





(True or False)   Putting on tight socks qualifies as cardio exercise.



Doctor's handwriting



(True or False)   Your handwriting has gotten so bad it makes your doctor’s writing seem legible.





(True or False)   You can tell what an MSer had for lunch by the stains on their shirt.



(True or False)   No matter the size of the threshold, curb or ledge, it is always one inch higher than you can lift your leg.



The Sting



(True or False)   During an MRI, you’d swear the unit’s ticks & pops was playing the melody of “The Entertainer.”




(True or False)   The most difficult part of attending a sporting event is standing for the “National Anthem.”



Dorky Kid


(True or False)   Till you got MS, you thought “Myelin Sheath” was the name of the dorky kid who sat behind you in algebra class.



(True or False)   I am good at playing “Musical Chairs.”  By the time the music stops, I still haven’t gotten up from the previous round.



Thanks for completing the My Odd Sock True/False MS Quiz

Congratulations!  You scored a perfect 100%!

That’s because there were no wrong answers.  (The only thing “wrong” was having the time to take this nonsense quiz!)

Remember, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”  Thank you wasting yours at My Odd Sock!





5 Replies to “The True/False MS Quiz”

  1. Yes …..I am still trying to figure out. Why I go to my neuro? I forgot the question so I reread it and got an A yes in fact an A Plus! More than I can say for my nerve conduction study that I failed! Well at least at my odd sock I am aceing exams! Olivia

  2. Excellent- hysterical as always. Especially love the bathroom one. I do disagree on the wasting my time part. Laughing is never a waste of time and when I visit your site, I laugh!

  3. I totally agree… other… (True or False) The phone always rings when you left your portable phone on the table in the other room.

  4. You’re so right about the phone, Margaret! Happens to me all the time. And no point in my “hurrying” (HA!) to get to it in time – won’t happen.

  5. Carol & Margaret,

    That is a good “true/false” question.
    Since our bathroom is close to the My Odd Sock home phone, sometimes I try to “crab-walk” (pants around ankles) to answer! The call is never worth the effort!