Murder At My Odd Sock

Murder At My Odd Sock



Police carA gruesome, murderous crime spree has been discovered inside the kitchen commissary of My Odd Sock.


Apparently, bananas were the only intended victims of this heinous act, described by many as a “hate crime” directed toward the yellow fruit.



My Odd Sock investigative reporters (me) have uncovered official police photographs of the crime scene.


Warning:  The following images are graphic in nature.

Please overt the eyes of small children, fruit lovers and all primates.



Bunch of bananas, bound & hanged
Bunch of bananas, bound & hanged



The scene was an obvious mass banana hanging.



Close-up of the murder scene.
Close-up of the murder scene.




This unfortunate bunch of bananas were bound and left to hang by the stems till their death.

An utter waste of a good source of dietary potassium.



A banana peel.  Will the killing ever stop?
A banana peel. Will the killing ever stop?



A banana carcass was also found on the scene.

The victim had been carelessly thrown in the trash.


It is not clear if the banana crimes were related.






Seeking justice, elite members of CSI: Crime Sock Investigation were called to  examine the murderous melee.





The Crime Sock Investigators are a crack team of detectives and forensic scientists.


Employing the highest levels of investigation.
Employing the highest levels of investigation.




DNA samples were collected. 

The entire area was dusted for fingerprints.





And through scientific data and extensive interviews, CSI sketch artists have released THIS drawing of  a possible suspect…….


Police sketch of suspect.
Police sketch of suspect.



The person of interest is described as a Bengal Tiger.

5 1/2 to 6 feet tall.  180 pounds.

The subject walks upright and wears a red bandanna around his neck.

He is known to often point his finger skyward and shout “They’re GR-R-Reat!”



Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Crime Scene Investigators by leaving a comment on this website.

Your identity will remain anonymous to everyone but the people at Google  (Google knows everything about you already!)


7 Replies to “Murder At My Odd Sock”

  1. Thanks for the laughs. I also found the crime repeated at my location. Maybe it’s truly a mass fruiticide and not a homicide? Hmm, so how’s the tiger related? Maybe he just assisted.

  2. I confess……I too hang banana’s. I am also known for cutting other innocent fruit with a knife. Years ago I even smashed a coconut on the head with a hammer. This is anonymous, right? What’s written on this blog, stays on this blog? 🙂

  3. Dear My Odd Sock I am very sorry to learn of your bannana homicide. My deepest condolences go out to you and your family. I think there is a homicidal maniac on the loose as my friend’s flower garden was attacked. As I hate Spring and the daffodils that were killed, I was questioned in this crime. I think I have proven my innocence. But to hear the story check out my new blog on titled Chop Their Happy Little Heads Off

  4. Perp was spotted at my home tonight…too tired to cook real dinner we had eggss and toast. As I was plating up our breakfast for dinner I whirled around and almost fell down as I spotted the mass murdered banana sliced and diced on the plates!! A shame! These bananas in their prime! The perp must be apprehended at once!!!