Take A Bow

Take A Bow



Have you ever had a fall that looked worse than what it was?

A spill that was ugly, yet graceful?

A tumble that was nimble, but awkward?

A fall where you escaped injury, but wished you could have been judged on your artistic & athletic recovery?



Well, My Odd Sock had one such fall recently. so cue the orchestra and let’s begin the show!…..



Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to ABC’s….

Dancing 2  …”Falling With The Stars.”


Tom Bergeron 3


I’m your host, Tom Bergeron along with my co-host Samantha What’s Her Name.

Tonight, we will hear about My Odd Sock’s unfortunate tumble which will then be judged & scored by our panel of experts.


Speaking of which, let’s meet our judges…


judge Alfredo Linguini
judge Alfredo Linguini


Working professionally with the “Vatican Dancers” and choreographer for the Chef Boyardee World Tour, here is Alfredo Linguini!

Welcome to “Falling With The Stars,” Alfredo.

“Thanka you Tomas!” Linguini replies.



judge Cassandra LaPointe
judge Cassandra LaPointe


Next, she was a somba instructor for Arthur Murray when she became a Laker’s Girl!

Please welcome the lovely Cassandra LaPointe…


“It’s great to be here, Tom!” she says.



The bitter judge, Ian Foul
The bitter judge, Ian Foul


Finally, because all TV talent competitions have a crusty British judge…let’s welcome England’s Ian Foul…


“Yeah?  Up yours, you bloody wanker!” scoffs Ian.




Tom Bergeron 4



My Odd Sock, it’s your turn.

The floor is yours, so to speak (the audience laughs).  Go ahead and tell us about your fall.


"Pole Dancer" Odd Sock & the pole
"Pole Dancer" Odd Sock & the pole

“Well, being that I have had MS now since 1996, my balance isn’t very good.  So, I’m in my basement in my stocking feet–which can be very slippery on a smooth surface–just ask any MSer!

I began to lose my balance and reached for the closest thing, which was the green pole you see in the picture.

Firmly holding the pole, my feet slipped out from under me and I began falling AND spinning around the pole like a Tetherball–MayDay ribbon–Female dancer(your choice) until I landed flat on my back on the floor, the back of my head hitting the concrete with a thud.

I laid there for a moment to regroup and make sure I was OK.  Then, I went on with my day.”



Tom Bergeron 2


Ouch!  Thank you Odd Sock.

Let’s see what our judges think of your fall.



Alfredo scores it a "10"
Alfredo scores it a "10"



“It wasa saavy anda spectacular!  Ten!





Cassandra, how do you rate My Odd Sock’s fall?…


A "10" from Cassandra!
A "10" from Cassandra!



“Oh Tom, I was spellbound!  I give him a 10.”





Lastly, we hear from the cold cup of tea, Ian Foul.  Ian….


A "7" from the Brit
A "7" from the Brit



“Wha, no injury?  A bloody waste of me time!  I give it a “7”.




Tom Bergeron 1


That’s 27 total points for My Odd Sock and it brings us to the end of our show!

Stay on your feet everbody and thank you for joining us on “Falling With The Stars!”

Good night!

My Odd Sock with the judges
My Odd Sock with the judges











7 Replies to “Take A Bow”

  1. Oh rats! You didn’t tell me about the competition! I would have been a good match — I’ve had so many doozies that thankfully were never taped! At least your latest exploit wasn’t in front of a lot of people! So sorry, though, that you had to go through it.

  2. “odd” that you should post this today as I “performed on “Falling With The Stars” just this very evening! While dining out with friends I got up to leave the table (nature was calling) and proceeded to trip over next to nothing,bump in to a chair on the way down (which created a loud clattering noise), and then ricocheted off of the marble fireplace mantle (which wasn’t attached well, causing a bit more clattering)and then “gracefully “whumped” to the floor! It is amazing how fast the manager of an eating establisment can get to you when your are trying to get up off the floor!! As my dining partners helped me up… I raised my hands over my head and proclaimed to all around me…Dinner AND a show!!!

  3. Wow. Nice one all. Here’s my story…

    Being that my family of Specks wants all of us to be a little more fit, they received from Santa everything from a Wii Fit to a Treadmill. I decided to try these new dance tools out to see how they work… It was going swell, a great dance ensued…and then I tried this treadmill contraption into the routine and hit the speed arrow up button too many times (those damn challenges). Before I could learn the moves fast enough, my feet went beyond range to place me into the superman position (as I held the cross handle with the best grip I could). As the momentum of the flight quickly stopped, I then went down onto the tread and shot off the end like some sort of cartoon character. Then the emergency cord pulled free to stop the tread to keep from leaving too many marks. Whoops, that had to be a 1 on the scale.