My Odd Sock Loose Ends

My Odd Sock Loose Ends



My Odd Sock jibberish
My Odd Sock jibberish


It is time to straighten up the “Topics” page of the My Odd Sock journal.

Time to clean up and clear out various bits & pieces of ideas and observations for your reading displeasure.

So, lend me a hand and we’ll get this done in no time.




Chevy Truck Ad

Chevy Commercial

Have you seen the TV commercial for Chevy Trucks with the little boy?

He is driving home from work and encounters lots of obstacles including the family dog, bumpy roads and helping a lady who is stuck.



Welcome home, honey.
Welcome home, honey.



My favorite part of the ad is the shot of him arriving home and being greeted by his smoking hot wife, portrayed by a Laura Croft “Tomb Raider” doll.

(I wonder why he would ever leave the house!)




Favorite Gift

My favorite Christmas gift has to be hands down (no pun intended)….the “Ove Glove!”

In fact, I got TWO of them!

I love-ove-gloves!

My "Ove Gloves."  Stylish AND versatile!
My "Ove Gloves." Stylish AND versatile!




Great for baking muffins…..Not so necessary to shovel the driveway!






iPhone Fever

iPhone 4S

Not sure I understand all the hoopla over the new iPhone 4S with voice-activated response.

Have you seen the commercial where the kid asks his iPhone “Will it snow today?”  The iPhone then answers with a voice AND the weather forecast.


OK, that’s pretty sweet.  But I own an early prototype of this prognastic technology.

Let me show you…..



Magic 8 Ball always has an answer.
Magic 8 Ball always has an answer.


“Magic 8 Ball…Will it snow today?”

The 8 Ball silently responds..”As I see it, yes.”


There you have your answer.  (And NO two-year contract!)





Celebrity Look-A-Likes

Animal Planet’s “River Monsters” is hosted by Jeremy Wade, who travels the world in search of gruesome, scary-looking creatures that lurk in the waters below.

It is an awesome show, but Jeremy, who’s a well-weathered fella, sometimes looks scarier than the fish he is hunting!


"River Monster's" Jeremy Wade (right)
"River Monster's" Jeremy Wade (right)
The Grinch
The Grinch


When Jeremy smiles, he looks like “The Grinch!”







Mitt Romney


Here is GOP candidate Mitt Romney…



Lyle Waggoner…who reminds me of the actor Lyle Waggoner from movies & the “Carol Burnett Show.”









Finally, we have the fine journalist and host of NBC’s “Meet The Press”….

David Gregory
David Gregory


…David Gregory.


Sock Monkey
Sock Monkey


..and his look-alike…a Sock Monkey!






Not to be mean, but they DO look alike!

That clears up My Odd Sock’s Loose Ends.  How ’bout yours?


3 Replies to “My Odd Sock Loose Ends”

  1. Love the one about the iPhone… my SIL asked “Where can I hide a body
    ?” Do you know they actually list places!!

  2. Doug, you solved a mystery that’s been keeping me up nights (or is it the two cups of coffee I drink after 9?) Mitt Romney has reminded me of somebody and I couldn’t think who–until now. Lyle Waggoner, you smart boy! It was driving me crazy.

  3. Cleaning up journals is a painstaking event with no audience. I have an 8 ball somewhere…. I hope I fixed the comment problem on my blog. Time will tell. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
    Love the gloves! Not sure about shoveling biscuits.