MS Mind Games

MS Mind Games



Brain ScanMultiple Sclerosis has taken a lot from you.

Maybe it’s your balance…ability to walk…your vision

…or bladder control.  Or maybe you are one of the lucky few where MS has taken all of the above!  (Too bad you weren’t that lucky with a lottery ticket!)


Swallowing some pride, many of these problems can be corrected.  I can walk with a rollator.  Wear an adult diaper.  And read with a magnifying glass.

But when MS begins screwing with your mind—it’s a whole nother ball game.

There are no mobility aids when self-doubt enters the room.  When confidence escapes through the tiniest crack.  And self-worth is about as abundant as the lint in your pants pocket.


The Funny Meter
The Funny Meter


Hey Funny Meter, you are quick to the punch today!

What, you couldn’t find the funny in the latest GOP Debate?

Please leave me alone.




Pardon the interruption.

My point is, if you have any weakness, any chink in the noggin, MS will find it and draw on it till it comes to a head like the pimple on a teenager’s face.

Doubt swells to the point of questioning your worth as a provider, spouse, parent or partner…whatever your role!



Funny Meter taking a different approach.
Funny Meter taking a different approach.



While multiple sclerosis gnaws on your brain from the outside.  Self-doubt and blows to personal confidence & pride chew on your brain from the inside.

It’s a one-two punch that will knock you on your keyster!





Personally, I think mind games of this disease are the worst aspect.  It has been a constant struggle of mine to maintain value.  Over the years, I have swallowed so much ego, my belch could register on a Richter Scale.


So what do you do?


Funny Meter tries yet again.
Funny Meter tries yet again.


For starters, one must realize you are not alone.  I gotta believe this is a pretty common plight among those of us with MS.  Ask around.  Discuss it with a family member.  Join an MS support group (you can find one in your area through the MS Society).  Or ask your doc.

It helps to write about it as well–like I’m doing (Just be sure to use better grammar in your writing).


Have you dealt with similar feelings?

How do you handle it?

What advice can you offer to me and others?

Now it’s your turn.  I look forward to reading your comments as we play the mind games of MS.


3 Replies to “MS Mind Games”

  1. My humor gets me through alot on the outside, but in the inside I can’t seem to go OUT THERE. I am a hermit, in my bubble. I can tell people good advice but I don’t seem to take it myself. I keep moving physically like if I do it more an more it will heal me. You give me a smile and even hope that maybe I can get a handle on this new life I was given. No support groups in the boonies here. You keep posting, I’ll keep reading.

  2. Yeah the mind games are pretty rough to deal with. Especially when you’ve been the “sharp” one your entire life. It helps me for those around me to know what is going on. I’ll say something like, hold on. I’m overwhelmed or can you slow down? Or just excuse myself from the conversation.