5 Fav

5 Fav


Office of Consumer Research
Office of Consumer Research


The My Odd Sock Consumer Research Department is conducting a highly sophisticated poll.

Your participation is greatly encouraged as the results will be tabulated, analyzed and then immediately stored (thrown into) in one of several, secure My Odd Sock “information receptacles.”


M.O.S. Information Receptical
M.O.S. Information Receptical


OK, enough of the nonsense.  (Isn’t everything about this website nonsense?)

I want to know your “5 Fav” movies.  Not the 5 best movies ever made.  Your 5 absolute, must-see, can’t miss, stop what your are doing, hold all calls, bladder-busting movies!

The 5 movies you have seen a million times–but still watch them (even a little bit) when they are on.

To get you started, here are the official My Odd Sock “5 Fav” movies in no particular order…..



wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz–   It was always a childhood tradition to watch this flick and be frightened out of your gourd with those damn flying monkeys!

Today, the movie is so relatable to my MS as I feel as stiff as the rusty Tinman and I fall as often as the Scarecrow!




Forrest Gump–   Just an awesome film that takes you through a range of emotions.  Tom Hanks is probably my favorite actor as he could make a movie about brushing his teeth I would go.  (Some may describe this behavior as a “man crush”–but I like to think of it as an admiration of his talent.)  My kids & I often quote lines from the movie….”Shrimp Scampi, Shrimp salad, fried shrimp.”



Napoleon Dynamite
Napoleon Dynamite


Napoleon Dynamite–   This low-budget pic became a sensation among teens & young adults some 6-10 years ago.  Napoleon Dynamite makes the “5 Fav” list because of a dead-on depiction of high school.  Quirky, mouth-breathing, awkwardness fits right into my formative years!  Again, here is another movie where lines are repeated by my family during conversation.



The Jerk–   Steve Martin’s first movie may well be my favorite movie ever!  It is so stupid–it’s funny.  A rags to riches to rags story that I can’t get enough of!  (Remember, the “5 Fav” list doesn’t have to be great movies—just ones you enjoy!)






The Good, The Bad and The Ugly–   Give me a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western and you’ll have me at the first spoken word in the film—which in spaghetti westerns is usually about five minutes into the picture!  I love this movie genre because the other characters are so believable–dusty, weathered, toothless types that remind me of my hometown.





So that is My Odd Sock’s “5 Fav” movies….What are yours?

Give it a thought and share’em in a comment.

Your “5 Fav” movies?……I’ll get the popcorn.






6 Replies to “5 Fav”

  1. First — The Sound of Music — my all time favorite, and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen it. I can quote the lines, the songs, the movements.

    Second — Mary Poppins — like your ‘bromance’ for Hanks, I have a crush on Julie Andrews.

    Third — Dead Poets’ Society — I was a teacher so it goes with the territory

    Fourth — Christmas Vacation — still laughing after all these years.

    Fifth — Ferris Buehler’s Day Off — loved it!

    There are more, but these top the list.


  2. OMG! 4 of your top 5 are right up there with me! Of course there are others…The Color Purple, Talladega Nights, Office Space and Purple Rain are all movies I would stop and watch even though I have seen them over and over.

  3. By no means are these my Favorites but I just cant tear myself away from the tv when they are on.
    1 -Braveheart(ok this is one of my favorites),
    2 – Con Air – Its like a train wreck I just can’t stop watching-i am not proud
    3 – Star Wars – episode 4 – the original
    4 – Ghostbusters – “That’s a big twinkee”
    5 – Leathal Weapon

  4. Tom,

    Your comments about “Con Air” made me laugh out loud!
    I too, cannot stop watching that flick. Especially the creepy criminal—VERY disturbing!