How Dumb Are We Getting?

How Dumb Are We Getting?


Statistics indicate we are an intelligent group.

A 2009 study reported that of all Americans age 25 and over….86.6% are high school graduates.  55.6% had some college training.  And 38.% were college graduates.


It says "Do Not Eat."
It says "Do Not Eat."

Educated, yet hidden among my slices of turkey, I found this little packet of a drying agent clearly marked “Do Not Eat.”

What?  Do not eat?  Do they take me for a fool?  (Don’t answer that!)  Must they mark this to prevent me from sprinkling on my sandwich like some seasoning?

I suppose someone has done this before.  That would explain the need to label as such.

Could their warning be aimed at the 15% who didn’t graduate high school?  Heck, I know folks who dropped out of grade school who have more sense than some with Doctorate degrees!



So I began looking around the My Odd Sock homestead to see if I could find other examples of “obviously stupid” labeling….



Use with caution.
Use with caution.


Low & behold, right there on a bottle of mouthwash are the “how-to’s” of Artic Mist Listerine w/Tartar Protection.

First of all, it says a proper serving is 20 milliliters.  Don’t the makers of Listerine realize the metric system never took hold here in America?  Be honest, don’t you just take a swig right out of the bottle?



As an afterthought, the makers thought they better remind us “do not swallow,” that is unless of course, you are the wife of Mike Dukakis.  (If I was married to him, I’d have to swill Listerine too!)




Your pits are waiting
Your pits are waiting

Looking further, I stumbled upon this label on Ban Roll-On Antiperspirant.

It says to “apply to underarms only.”  Like where else am I gonna put this stuff?  “Boy, my tongue is really moist.  Maybe if I use some Ban, I won’t drool so much!”

Duh, the warning clearly states “For external use only.”  Also, “do not use on broken skin.”




Thank goodness for directions
Thank goodness for directions


Moving along, I discover this bottle of Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo.  The label thoroughly explains how to use shampoo….”wet hair, massage into scalp, rinse…”

Wait, I have MS so I’m a little forgetful.  Could you remind me–what was step two again?




Then, it adds “repeat if desired.”  Ah, no thanks, I think getting soap in my eyes once was enough!

Of course, to clarify any confusion, Head & Shoulders tells us “for best results use at least twice a week.”

The label continues by saying…”or as directed by a doctor.”

Now think about this.  As a guy, I am embarrassed to talk to my doctor about E.D., but I would be “out-of-my-mind” crazy to ask my doctor about dandruff shampoo!



We have to be smarter than this, I swear.


Look around your home too see what you can find with “obviously stupid” labeling.  Then share it with the rest of us in a comment!

Yeah, sometimes you don’t have to look far when you need a chuckle!


3 Replies to “How Dumb Are We Getting?”

  1. What came to mind, after reading your post, was when a radio DJ asks the caller, “Where are you calling from” and the person replies “The Kitchen”.

  2. I think this is more serious than you think. Is anyone in danger of removing the “Do not remve” sticker from a matteress?

  3. I still complain everytime I see “Contents may be HOT!” on my coffee from the drive thru. Give me a break…duh! If it wasn’t HOT, I wouldn’t be ordering the damn thing! The idiot that sued for their stupidity should be…sh…uh…made to pay for the printing of their stupidity.