Kicking Sand In Your Face

Kicking Sand In Your Face


 Multiple Sclerosis does it.

MS picks on you like the burly guy (the MS) at the beach kicking sand in the face of the wimpy guy (you).



Annoying as a persistent cough, with the tenacity of a telemarketer calling at dinnertime, MS can be relentless in letting you know it is never far away.


MS doesn’t play favorites.  It has no regard for the situation.  You can be visiting with friends, watching a movie, eating dinner or enjoying your child’s band concert when MS will be sure to give you a leg spasm–JUST to remind you it is there.


MS has a wicked sense of humor too.

Take a stumble?  MS probably tripped you.

In a knot AGAIN!
In a knot AGAIN!


And it likes to poke fun at us as we begin to dribble while struggling to hurry into the powder room.

(Why is it when I wear sweatpants/shorts with a drawstring waist–they always knot when my bladder is fullest!)



MS is playful as a puppy.  When trying to get to sleep, pesky MS is there knocking on your eyelids.  Then, it is the first one to greet you in the morning!

MS comes at you with a vengeance–so you must circle the wagons and fight back with all you got.

Don’t give up—because MS never does.

Forget to take your vitamins?  Don’t worry, MS never forgets.

Don’t feel like exercising today?  Multiple Sclerosis isn’t taking the day off.


MS putting the squeeze on
MS putting the squeeze on



Didn’t do your stretching?

No problem, MS will just tighten its grip.




Over do it?  MS will be sure to remind you when to say “when.”

Skip your shot?  That’s OK, your MS doesn’t mind!

Sit too long in one place?  MS will be sure to remind you when you try to stand.


All because that is what he does…MS is one heck of a nice guy!

Mr. MS
Mr. MS

Wait, how do I know MS is a guy?

That’s easy.  Simply put, MS afflicts more females…making MS a real ladies man!

(Sure, MS strikes a guy here or there–but it is only the annoying dudes who get it!)




My point is, MS is a constant bully.  So we must be strict in following our personal game plan to keep him at arm-length.

Keep fighting, pushing and most of all keep moving!


What are you saying?
What are you saying?


The above My Odd Sock has been awarded the title of “Most Mixed Up” in concept and readability.

There is a lesson somewhere in these words, but for damm sure we can’t find it!



4 Replies to “Kicking Sand In Your Face”

  1. Thanks for your blog! I enjoy reading it!

    You mentioned the MS bladder. This may be too much information for a blog reply, but I encourage you to consider intermittent self-catheterization. It’s not nearly as bad as you might imagine…really! It has greatly improved my quality of life. With the right planning and willpower (“no, I don’t need the jumbo soda”), I can safely sit through a movie or a show. Thanks again for the blog!

  2. Darn clever, and definitely in the category of “wish I’d written that.”

    The green cigarette is a nice touch.

  3. Kim,

    Thanks for your comment. I didn’t even realize the “green” straw. Now, I’ll be on the DEA’s watch list!
    Appreciate your thoughts.


    Thanks to you too for your comment.
    Yes, “intermittent self-catherization” sounds bad. I think I may have seen it in a bachelor party stag film.
    All my best!