My Odd Sock Salutes That Game Played By Big, Sweaty Guys

My Odd Sock Salutes That Game Played By Big, Sweaty Guys

Huddle Up!
Huddle Up!


This weekend is the crown jewel of American sporting events!  The Tiffany competition between the two finest teams who have victoriously survived a long, grueling season of weekly battles.

You know what game I am referring to.  I don’t even need to tell you.  And if I did say, I could be arrested, be imposed heavy fines, even face imprisonment.  All because I would be breaking the National Football League’s copyright infringement policies.

Not familiar with the terms?  Here are a few words & phrases you cannot legally say or print:

“Super Bowl”

“Super Sunday”

The Super Bowl Logo

“NFL”, “AFC”, or “NFC”

Any team name (e.g., “Steelers” or “Cowboys”)


Therefore, My Odd Sock will take no chances when it comes to writing about this Sunday’s professional football championship game between the team of hard-working, hardhat-wearing, strong, hairy forearmed, time-clock workers versus the team of cheese-loving, cold-weather, green & yellow wearing, I’m-not-sure-what-they-are-packing team.

Cripes, it’s just easier to say the “Steelers vs the Packers.”  (Soon I’ll be some one’s “prison bitch” for the next 3 to 5.)


Sorry to spill the dip, Dip!
Sorry to spill the dip, Dip!



Are YOU hosting a big game party?

Easy with the party trays Martha Stewart–you may be in violation yourself!




Did you know it is unlawful to TiVo the big game?  It’s true.  But why would you anyway—the commercials are often the best part of the broadcast!


How many people have you invited to your shin-dig?  It is also against the NFL’s regulations if you are showing the game to “too many” people.  Funny, the esteamed league office doesn’t specify the number they feel is “too many.”


Nice console Ward Cleaver!
Nice console Ward Cleaver!



Finally, did you know you may be breaking the law if you are watching the game on a screen larger than 55 inches?

That’s another strange-but-true factoid.




Is all of this ridiculous?  Of course it is.  But without all of this, it wouldn’t be the United States’ legal system, right?


Whatever your plans, just enjoy the weekend and let’s look forward to a good game, the  halftime show and some funny commercials!

“So, Bubba, you want the top bunk or the bottom bunk?”



6 Replies to “My Odd Sock Salutes That Game Played By Big, Sweaty Guys”

  1. This really should end up being an awesome game. Both of these squads are pretty well matched. It looks like Indy has the advantage because Manning is virtually unstoppable. If he can play, Freeney and Mathis should certainly be able to get enough pressure on Drew to make him to get rid of the ball earlier than he wants to. If the saints defense fails to make a few turn overs the colts will likely win.

  2. How do you come up with all of this? You must have some good foundation on the subject right?

  3. The commercials were better than the halftime show in my opinion. I laughed more for them, then for anything with halftime. The only thing worse was the Progressive half-time show in like 97. They used to seem so much more worth watching. But, it was a good game in general.

  4. As always nice article, thanks for that. I managed to set up a blog, too, now. Your work inspired me. 😉