2010 My Odd Sock Flemmy Awards

2010 My Odd Sock Flemmy Awards


The red carpet has been unfurled.  Lawn chairs have been placed.  And the winners are in.

It’s time to announce the recipients of the 2010 My Odd Sock Flemmy Awards!


The prestigious My Odd Sock Flemmy Award
The prestigious My Odd Sock Flemmy Award


The Flemmy Awards recognize excellence in buffoonery from the past year right here at My Odd Sock.

(Note–there have been no signs of excellence on these pages–only MS inspired madness)




awards audience


Looks like esteemed guests have taken their seats, sic bags have been distributed, so cue the orchestra and let’s begin the 2010 My Odd Sock Flemmy Awards!……




Our first award is the Favorite Comment of the Year….


And the Flemmy goes to:

“I harvest worms through my worm farm–then I drink their piss.”

                                     audience 2


                           (Thunderous Applause)


Wow!  That was truly inspired work!




Let’s move along with the award for Most Absurd Photograph…

And the Flemmy goes to:




From the post “Odds & Ends,” this picture of the intruder height scale found at a local diner!


                 (More thunderous applause)

Ansel Adams eat your heart out!




Next, we have the honor for the Most Time-Consuming Photograph…


And the Flemmy goes to:


My Odd Sock's cry for help
My Odd Sock's cry for help


From “Baclofen Blast,” we have the “SOS” image scrolled on an Etch-A-Sketch.


(Elated shouts, whistles and loud clapping)



Yes, moving with the speed of a slug, I slowly wrote this message on the Etch-A-Sketch.  Then, realizing it wasn’t dark enough for a photo, I had to retrace the SOS–working backwards!

Greatness takes time (about 40 minutes), I know, but this award makes it all worthwhile.




Moving along, let’s honor the Best One-Liner…

This award was difficult to select—not because of so many worthy contributions, but because of the lack of!


Finally, through slim pickings…the Flemmy goes to:


audience 3


“I have stepped on more feet than a corporate muckity-muck.”

My Odd Sock describes what it is like moving through a crowd with fumble feet in the post “Gotta Go Right Now.”

(Huge applause.  Audience member’s palms begin to redden & swell)




Next, we recognize sarcastic bitterness with the Best Brain Drain…

With hasty regard, the Flemmy goes to:


                                        “Brain Drain # 6”

(Brain Drain #6 poked fun at the Shake Weight, college scholarships and Levi’s jeans made in Egypt.)


audience 1



(Roaring applause.  Audience becomes uneasy–bladders are bursting, palms sear with pain)





Let’s quickly move on to our final two categories.


First, we give the Flemmy for the Best Humor Post…

So so many deserving post, but the Flemmy goes to:

The great alfredo spill.
The great alfredo spill.



“Another Disastrous Spill,”an Alfredo sauce parody of the BP Gulf Coast oil spill.


(Waves of applause, hands begin to bleed.  Is there a doctor in the house?)




Finally, in the last of the 2010 My Odd Sock Flemmy Awards, we recognize the Best MS Post…

And the Flemmy goes to:




Tale Wagging Fun,” the story of my MS related foot drop and a cute, little pooch.


(Audience rises to their feet and charges the stage in a riot)



That does it for this years Flemmy Awards.  Thank you for your readership in 2010…and for looking past my sometimes strange sense of humor.

Here’s to a great 2011 to you!



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  1. Good day, I am wondering how you would react if someone disagreed with your opinions. Would you get insulted? Or you are open to helpful criticism?

  2. Jaime,

    I am open to your critique. Bring it on dude..ah, maam, guy?..lady? Oh, I am so uncomfortable with those cross-gender names!

    Pregnancy Review,

    Dad?…Is that you dad? Where have you been all these years? How is Xavier, my exotic-dancer stepmom?

  3. I came to this site on a friend’s suggestion. They were totally right! Thanks for a great site 🙂