Audio Earwax

Audio Earwax


Sit back & listen
Sit back & listen


Let’s poke fun at the funeral home business!

Enjoy this :60 mp3 parody commercial for a new burial option.

Just click on the title at the end of this sentence to hear about the Earl S. Dietz Funeral Home


“Earl S. Dietz Funeral Home” was written by My Odd Sock and produced by Tony Gialluca Productions.


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More dumb stuff from the mind of My Odd Sock.




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Toy on every kid's wish list!
Toy on every kid's wish list!


I saw this toy for sale in a store.

Just what every kid wants—a game of meat!

I like the “Magic Meatball Mountain Ski Jump.”  Imagine the fun one could have!

“Hey kids, grab the ground beef and “Meat Me For Dinner!”




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