Sweet (MS) Dreams

Sweet (MS) Dreams


 The following is an encore performance of bad grammar and mispelled words–otherwise known as “My Odd Sock.”  Enjoy!!



This morning I awoke remembering two dreams I had during my restful night of slumber (and drooling).

Did I mention I drool in my sleep?  I make a St. Bernard seem like it has cotton-mouth.  But that’s another story.



So, I was reliving my dreams of walking and moving about and running free of any constraints of multiple sclerosis. 

I frolicked…without spasticity…at normal human speed, not my typical “use me as a sundial” snail’s pace.

As I told my wife of my dreams I said, “Funny how in my dreams I don’t have MS!”  She simply replied, “Because that would be a nightmare.”

(Pause)  Right.  I agreed.  A nightmare.  I think.



Then, my wheels began turning.

(I remind you, when I have a thought it sounds like a peanut (my brain) bouncing around inside a tin can (my big empty head).



I pondered.  If my dreams of being MS free are dreams.

And my dreams WITH multiple sclerosis are nightmares.  Then, does that make my waking hours, dealing with all the amenities MS has to offer, a nightmare too?

Am I living a dream….Or am I living a nightmare?

Am I making any sense?

Me & my shrink.
Me & my shrink.



This is gonna require a couch session with my shrink.  Maybe Dr. Bizzledorf can draw some conclusions from my quandary!




Seriously though, this falls in the category of how you look at life’s situations.  Optimist vs. Pessimist.  Glass half-full vs. Glass half-empty.  Because I don’t think of my life as a nightmare, nor do I see it as a dream either.

Certainly, I don’t want my kids or your kids or their kids to have to deal with what those of us with MS must face each day.  So you just make the most of what you got.


The Funny Meter
The Funny Meter

 Yeah, I figured the Funny Meter (pegging zero) would make an appearance.  It’s like a bad rash.

C’mon, gimme a break Funny Meter, I’m being phylo-dough-sophical here.  Something like that!

I gotta believe someone with multiple sclerosis on their plate must look at each day straight-on.  Not worrying about yesterday.  Not fretting about tomorrow.

MS or not, we’re all living the dream right?  May yours be sweet.


17 Replies to “Sweet (MS) Dreams”

  1. 🙂 I can understand you completely. Life is but a journey, but take each day as they come, enjoy the small things and memories, as in the end we’re all Terminal. I mean, we all could get hit by a truck tomorrow. So, yeah, it’s a nightmare daily in so many ways…but remembering just one moment with family or friends in a happy way is a dream in itself.

  2. Yes, we must live in the moment……at least that is what I keep telling myself!

    Thanks for the confirmation!

    May all your dreams be sweet as well!!!!! 🙂

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  6. You’re soooo gifted in writing. God is really using you in tremendous methods. You are doing a great job! This was an incredible blog!

    1. Sorry Hackwriter, I am not Dave Barry, unless Dave’s head is the size of a dirigible (and just as empty).
      Love your screen name!
      Thanks for reading My Odd Sock.

  7. Great site! I’ve really smiled at a lot of your posts. Thanks 🙂 x

  8. i gotta say i love your stories. my dad has MS and your stories really make him laugh. i love reading them to him. thankyou for making this website 🙂

  9. Taylor,
    Thank you for your kind words, but I feel sorry for you on two counts. One, your Dad finds this junk funny….and two, you have to read it as well!
    Tell your Dad to keep fighting as My Odd Sock gives him a salute of the sweat sock!

  10. Love your stories and humor! Puts all this we deal with everyday into a funny perspective and and lets us all know we are not alone 🙂 Each day is a journey that has to be faced and if it can be done with humor, well all the better..