Hugging A Tripod

Hugging A Tripod

Enjoy this repeat performance of an awkward moment of life with MS! 



My cane has become a necessary part of my daily attire.

Like pants!



Cane is quite reserved, never saying anything and has become a close friend I can lean on.

But lately my relationship with my cane has scuffled (like my feet).

You see, recently I attended a function where I had to hug about 500 folks.

Sure enough, Cane had to be right there…nestled in the middle of it all.


Like an obnoxious third-wheel.  A puppy dog afraid to be left home alone.

But how do you hug with a cane?  The people didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t know what to do.  It’s not easy hugging a tripod!

Hem those pants!
Hem those pants!


In my research I found descriptions of every type of hug known to man:  friendly hugs, family hugs, the crush hug, buddy hug, group hug, half hug, jump-N-hug, spoon hug, snuggle hug, encouraging hug—but nothing about hugging with a mobility apparatus!

In the end I wedged the cane’s handle under my belt buckle, stooping forward, balancing my body weight on my large intestine.

I looked like a Cirque du Soleil gymnast—–who had to poop.

Hugging one of my friends, he jokingly whispered in my ear “Is that your cane or are you happy to see me?”

Great.  That makes me feel comfortably confident.  Not.

When I tried to ease off my balancing act, in other words, not leaning forward so much, I nearly fell backwards.  (Another close friend grabbed me before someone had to say “Timber!”)

Otherwise, hugging as a tripod?  It’s not so bad.

Just chalk it up to another lesson learned as this odd sock shuffles through life’s fantastic experiences.

I look forward to what today brings!

I ironed that sheet used as a backdrop!
I ironed that sheet used as a backdrop!

4 Replies to “Hugging A Tripod”

  1. You think you had a rough time, try tucking your wheelchair under your belt buckle! lol. No matter how you work it out the world is better with hugs.
    Your friend Bob

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