A Triangular Obsession

A Triangular Obsession


Here is one last repeat of one of my favorite My Odd Socks.  Maybe we share a similar obsession!

New stuff returns Monday, October 11th.




Like a gnarly, California beach dude in search of the perfect wave, I am the Jeff Spicoli of refuse!

Plastics only, please.

It’s my quest to find the perfectly balanced, equilateral triangle, lovingly inscribed with a number within its center.  (Equilateral:  three equal sides & three equal angles.  Each angle being 60 degrees.  I admit I had to look it up, but I knew what I meant!)

Yes, I am a recycling junkie.  And I plan on saving the world—-one Sunny D bottle at a time.

When my trash guy announced “curbside recycling”, I was elated.  I had already been sorting my garbage and taking my recyclables to the drop-off area.  So curbside pick-up would save me a trip—little did I know it would be the “seed-starter” to my blooming obsession.

Now, I’m checking everything for that stupid triangle.

I turn the container over.  Flip it around.  Tilt it this way & that.  Is that a freakin’ 5 or a 6?  Give me a better angle.  More light please. 

My search reminds me of a mother ape preening her baby for fleas & ticks!


coronel klink


As I get older it gets harder and harder to see that silly little number.  I think I need a monocle like Colonel Klink.  Maybe that’s why he wore one, so he could check his recyclables.



My obsession has gotten so bad  I have looked for a number on the back of the triangular roadsigns.  I have even been known to pull junk out of other folks’ garbage and brought it home to be recycled.  Call me the Fred Sanford of the looney (recycling) bin.

I guess I have always been a “tree-hugger” of sorts.  And recycling is just one small way each of us can help save our environment.  So I am willing to do my part.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that sounds a little corny.  But come on, cut me some slack will ya.  Geez.


Fruits of my labor.
Fruits of my labor.



So if you see a dark, lanky figure dragging his foot through your garbage…don’t worry…it’s just me living a triangular obsession.




6 Replies to “A Triangular Obsession”

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  5. My name is Margaret and I am obsessed with recycling. I too used to take plastic and glass out of others trash and did this when I worked in an office. My friends and neighbors used to tease me that I “gift wrap” my garbage. I no longer can take out my own garbage and used to worry if my garbage “taker outer” put that bottle in the recycle or trash bin. They know I have no way of knowing for sure. That’s ok, I believe in Karma :o) I am also doing my part by also returning my empty ink cartriges to the office supply store and when I have more plastic shopping bags than I can use, the grocery store has a recycle bin for that. If it can be recycled, I do it. I am helping you save the planet. Now if only we could cure MS…………..