Climbing The Walls

Climbing The Walls

Maybe you’re like me.

People say I leave my mark wherever I go.

Dirty hands
Dirty hands


Is it my witless personality?

Is it my room-clearing body odor?

Or, could it be because I leave fingerprints everywhere?



Yes, I must confess…..I am a wall-walker!



My MS makes me do it.  My fingers lightly brush the wall like the blind reading braille.

One doesn’t have to be a C.S.I. forensic expert to find my dirty, grimey fingerprints about waist-high in every room.


Washing walls.
Washing walls.



That’s why I often have to retrace my steps to clean up the evidence I leave behind.




It’s not quite as bad in my own home as we have dark wood-work throughout.  The dark wood serves as my grab bars, concealing the mit marks of an unsteady gait and a horrendous sense of balance.  (Remember walking through the “rubber room” of the fun house?  Yeah, it’s kinda like that!)



Famous wall walkers


The problem with being a wall walker is I get nervous in new places or unfamiliar surroundings—Where will I hold on?  How will I steady myself?



Plus, today’s newer homes are constructed with lots of open space and little to grab onto.

And WHITE interiors.  White walls are a wall-walkers nemesis! 


mickey mouse


In these situations, I need white gloves like Mickey Mouse.

Do you suppose he’s a wall-walker too?



I’m reminded of the Yellow Pages’ slogan….”Let your fingers do the walking.”

To that I say…”Been there-done that!”

If you have MS, you can probably relate to my confessions as a wall-walker.  Don’t be shy—please share how you handle “climbing the walls”.

The End

6 Replies to “Climbing The Walls”

  1. Nice post… I quizzed our medical doctor if I will be even more apt to fall pregnant if perhaps my husband wear boxer shorts rather than briefs?
    He explained, “You bet, although you will definitely experience a far better probability whenever he does not have on anything at all”…lol

    Sorry, I was bored… anyone else got any good jokes?

  2. OMG! This is so relevant to the way I’ve been! I wall/furniture/door/counter walk! The walls in my upstairs hallway are white and I’ve been noticing that I’ve been marking my territory! In my downstairs back hall, there’s a particclar wall I grab (just outside the powder room, so it’s used frequently!) It now shows signs of the paint wearing thin!
    My daughter’s house is brand new, and as you so aptly noted, wide open spaces and white walls. I try to use my clothed shoulder to help me so I don’t leave a mark! I do like your idea of gloves, though — think I’ll try that.

  3. I just had to laugh while reading this. I too, I must confess, am a wall-walker. To my benefit, my wall-walking is not an all the time habit, but rather a late in the day or on a particularly tiring day. I routinely go through my house wiping fingerprints off of walls, door frames and doors. I have painted (okay truth is my husband painted, and I directed) several rooms a darker color, which has definately helped. Thanks for being willing to let your humor shine through some of the more difficult circumstances in life!

  4. Oh, oh, oh! I’m one too! I’m Spiderwoman in a white robe today! =) Too tired to play CSI and look for my fingerprints but I know they’re there…

  5. Yes I am a wall walker too!! I am thankful to live in a small house that I can easily maintain my balance by holding onto walls, doorways, furniture and anything else that is stationery. But I have to say what really stinks is when i’ve misplaced my cane!!!