Brain Drain #9

Brain Drain #9


It’s been awhile since the last Brain Drain, so I’ve got alot on my mind.


In case you are new to My Odd Sock, “Brain Drain” gives us (really just me) a chance to let loose about the dumb stuff in life.


Ready to brain drain?  Let’s pull the plug……..


Nice Ink!

I’m not a fan of the tattoo craze we’re in.  Ask that person with the cool ink to come see me in 25 years when their tattoo bleeds & fades to the point it looks like someone mushed a burrito on their arm, leg, butt, back, shoulder, neck or any other body part you would need a medical dictionary to identify.


barbed wireBut I am really done with the “Conan the Barbarian” barbed wire tattoos so many have around their arms.

I guess it is fitting to have one if you are a jock, a bounty hunter or a mercenary soldier….but if your arm jiggles like a bowl of jello…or, your butt shakes like a Winnebago on a bumpy road—don’t get the barbed wire tattoo!

It’s not an intimidating look—you simply resemble livestock that escaped the pen!

barbed wire jesus


And what was this goofball thinking?

Hey Sergeant Rock, Jesus wore a crown of thorns, not barbed wire!


Enough of this prickly subject, let’s move on.


Dip Schtick


I had the oil changed in the My Odd Sock company car and noticed quirky behavior.  Maybe you have experienced this too.

It’s that moment in time at the conclusion of the oil change when the technician shows you the dipstick.

Just how are you supposed to react?………”Ah yes, 5W30 is a fine crude!”

I usually nod my head with approval (like I know what the hell I’m looking at!).

Mmm, summer blend!
Mmm, summer blend!


Just once I would like to beckon the technician closer, reach out and touch the dipstick with my index & middle fingers then, put the other two fingers to my mouth like I am tasting it!

Imagine the look on his or her face!


Let’s continue….


Boxers In A Bunch

Boxers are my preferred choice of under-roos, but this pair has been around longer than L.L. Bean!


Usually underwear wears thin, stretches out, or shrinks, but these things are indestructible!

They’re probably ten years old, but look brand new.  I’m not particularly a fan of them, but I feel wasteful in getting rid of them for no reason.

What to do?


Hallelujah!  Thank goodness for my MS!

With MS comes bowel & bladder control problems…and with a little luck, I’ll be wearing this pair when it happens!


So that’s it for “Brain Drain”.  I’m feeling much better now.

Let me know if something bothers you to the point where you need a dose of brain drain.  You’ll feel better too!



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