Brain Drain #7

Brain Drain #7



Usually “Brain Drain” is reserved for my silly beefs about something I’ve seen or done.  Always something that gets my goat.  But this time around I thought I would share some genius inspiration found around my home.


Shall we begin?……


Buns In The Oven

In our kitchen one can find the most incredible bread product EVER (according to the name on the wrapper).

This isn’t just a package of bread with an ordinary name like “hamburger buns” or “sandwich buns.”

No this is far beyond that.

May I introduce to you the ultimate in sandwich making reality…….

"Super Fresh Buns"
"Super Fresh Buns"


Yes, “Super Fresh Buns!”

Not just buns.  These buns are “super fresh.”  How can you pass an item like this in the store?  You MUST buy “super fresh” buns!

I mean, if there are two packages of buns on the shelf….one labeled “Buns” and the other labeled “Super Fresh Buns,” which one will you buy?  I’ll buy the latter every time!

And how confidently-brash are these bread executives?  They are so cocky.  Their buns aren’t just fresh, they are super fresh!  While the other bread companies have their heads buried in flour, this bread company boldly goes where others dare to reach….to the “super fresh” stratosphere!

What secret additive do they put in their product to make their buns “super fresh?”  Do we really care?  I am not bothered, I just want my burger served on a “super fresh” bun.

That’s marketing genius.  Period.

Let’s move along…..


Squeeze The Tube

Toothpaste—how long have you been using it?  And when the tube is running low—how long have you been squeezing, folding and pressing it along the edge of the counter to get one-more-toothbrush full of fluoride goodness from the tube?




Just how much toothpaste remains?





My toothpaste tube may be rail-thin, like a Paris fashion model, but I always think there is still more toothpaste remaining in that damn tube.

So I put my toothpaste through a series of torture movements that would make an evil chiropractor proud.

Twisting & torquing & pulling like a wrestler with the WWE–there is still some toothpaste in there, I just know it!


Well finally Colgate answers my prayers with a clear tube!…

A clear tube of toothpaste from Colgate
A clear tube of toothpaste from Colgate


I can actually see how much toothpaste remains!

Sure, there is still some squeezing involved with the clear tube, but not nearly as much because you can see what’s left!

That’s dental hygiene innovation long overdo.


So that’s all for this edition of Brain Drain—genius around the home.

And I wasn’t negative at all.  See, I can be nicey-nice! 

If you see something worth a personal Brain-Drain, be sure to pass it along.  I’d love to hear about it.

Till we read again.



My Odd Sock is an expert on nothing, just an idiot on everything.



4 Replies to “Brain Drain #7”

  1. I’ve got one for you….

    Did you know that our prescription bottle caps can be turned upside down? This turns a torturous child-proof cap into an easily-removable disabled-friendly one.

    What’s funny (or tragic) is that no pharmacist has ever told me about it. I learned it from a friend. She learned it from a Cabalist who found it in the “household tips” section of the Torah.

    Spread the good word!


    1. Another example of genius from the medicine cabinet. Good observation Kim!
      Did you know if you take an asprin while standing on your head–your headache will go away quicker?

      Not really, I just made that up. Thanks for reading.

  2. Wow, see-through toothpaste tubes concept: love it or hate it?

    I bet that I’ll be FIRMLY PLANTED on one side or the other; but I can’t guess which! My Messie brains are grouping arguments both pro & con, but misplacing them on the wrong team… But if this blend is “Max White,” ought not the plastic become all opaque?