MS Timelines

MS Timelines

timeAfter 13 lucky years as a member of the multiple sclerosis club…

(MS, I never leave home without it!)

…I’ve learned some things.


One, I don’t walk well on grass.

Two, I’m not fond of heat.

And three, not all people with MS are alike.

You have pain.  I have none.  I have stiffness.  You might be loose as a goose.  Some have vision problems.  Others have memory lapses.  I have fumble-feet.  Others have it in their hands.


Everyone I meet is slightly different in symptoms, but we all share a similar blanket diagnosis.


It’s hard not to forget your diagnosis day (Or “D-Day” as I like to call it).  But after the shock fades (for me that took YEARS), you dust yourself off and begin to move forward.

Need a brow trim!
Need a brow trim!



Over time you raise an eyebrow and take a look backward—trying to piece together when you began having problems which led to your life with MS.




When did you first notice a twinge here, or a stumble there?  Was your blurred vision MS-related…or age?  Was that bout with bowel trouble an MS issue…or some bad chicken?

In other words, you begin to formulate a little MS timeline to help you try to figure out this 800 lb. monkey on your back.


Here is what I came up with for myself………

Artist's rendering
Artist's rendering

For me I begin to scratch my big, empty head as I look way back in high school.  I remember having leg stiffness, but I attributed that to running 30-40 miles a week and working as a carry-out at a grocery store.  I was on my feet alot!  (And they smelled every bit of it!)

My MS early years.
My MS early years.



My next moment of “Hmm,” came at a company softball game.

As I was rounding second base my right leg buckled and I went down like the Titanic.



“What the hell was that?” I asked myself.

Years later, after my diagnosis, a very astute coworker even recalled that incident and asked me if it was related to my MS. 

Interesting clues Dr. Watson!


My MS, the later years.
My MS, the later years.


Take a moment to draw up your own timeline.

I’m sure your MS Timeline is just as interesting.

Care to share any similar, head-scratching experiences?



If anything, it clears your mind of some excess baggage you’ve been toting around for some time now.  And it is easier to see spelled out on paper.

But one word of advice—leave yourself plenty of space on the paper for the future, as you have plenty of living to do!





4 Replies to “MS Timelines”

  1. Been there done that. I must say, the one thing everyone with MS has in common, is the number of events they’ll find in their past blamed on other things.

  2. I agree with Speckled. So many events earlier in life that were so general and so mild that they were easy to rationalize.

    Wiping out in 8th grade gym class for no reason (just clumsy), tripping over my feet during high school marching band practice (uncoordinated twit), and in my early twenties, a limp that everyone else noticed but me (I was sitting on my leg and it fell asleep, you doofs!).

    It wasn’t until I hit 41 that I was upgraded from “Clumsy Oaf” to “Disabled by MS.”

    Hmm, which label do I prefer….

  3. Been there done that. I must say, the one thing everyone with MS has in common, is the number of events they’ll find in their past blamed on other things.