The Year In Pictures

The Year In Pictures


A dim look at the past.


As 2023 winds down, it’s time for those mind-numbing retrospects of the past year we all try to forget.

As high-brow as My Odd Sock may be, even I can’t resist a quick peek back at the campy pictures/photographs I have subjected you to seeing over the past twelve months.

My deepest apologies.

In no particular order–here are a few of my favs…

From August-
Caution: Dog Chasing Tail Ahead
From April-
Curling iron & hair straightener were both on vanity. We will see what prevailed when she gets home.
From August-
My cooking sucks. Even the oven mit mocks me.
From May-
How I prevent people from sitting next to me at Great Clips.
From May-
“Mom, Dad…I’m going to Harvard!”
From Sept-
SPF 8- “You think you’re better than ME?”
SPF 100- “I AM better than you!”
From Sept-
#1- “That’s Jimmy’s Krack Corn.”
#2- “I don’t care.”
From October-
I must be part slug!
From August-
How to intimidate a peanut. (Powder, Butter, Oil)
From July-
A warning label warning you not to remove this warning label.
From Sept-
It only works if you put $5 under the cap.
From September-
Triphasic. The period before Jurrasic when dinosaurs had hair.
From April-
My new favorite reading genre!
And finally:
Proof I did graduate!











































































































I’ll never admit to being Ansel Adams with my photography skills but I hope my absurd pics bring you a chuckle…or a vurp (honestly, I’ll accept either)

Wishing you the best.  Here’s to continued fun in 2024!













2 Replies to “The Year In Pictures”

  1. When I saw the Lice Elimination Kit, my head started to itch!
    I always wondered, why did you wear flippers to graduation?

    1. Margaret,
      Hahaha about your lice problem!
      I wore flippers because every grad decorates their cap. To stand out among the other 5,000 graduates in the ceremony, thought I would go the other way. Thanks for asking!