Hot Amish Lit

Hot Amish Lit

Books have been an escape my entire life.  

A way to dream.  To plan.  To learn new things.

As a kid I spent hours in the library, exploring endless topics including my favorite animals, sports heroes, even careers.

Today I am much the same–I could get lost in a library.  So many subjects.  Books of every genre.

I thought I was familiar with them all…till I saw this in an ad for a close-out store….

Honey, hand me my cheaters!




Whoa, Amish romance novels?




I must say you have peaked my interest!

I had no idea these books were an item.  No clue what-so-ever there would be a market for smut of the Amish kind.



Having never read or even seen a book of this type, I let my nimble brain come up with some possible titles.  Even a few excerpts of content.

See if any of these titles of  made-up Amish romance novels would make YOUR best-seller list…

“Strong As A Plow Horse”

“Beauty In A Bonnet”

“Hay Loft Hook-Up”

Excerpt-  “I was stirred by his touch.  His hands, firm and calloused.  Rough, like a cheese grater on parmesan.”

“Hairy Leg Heroine”

“Hard As Oak”

“Your Beard Tickles (When We Do That)”

Excerpt-  “The oil lamp cast a seductive glow.  Shadows on the wall, tentative at first, then full embrace.  He removed his straw hat by the brim, tossing it to the side.  While she slid his suspenders off, over broad shoulders.”

“Amish Elders- True Confessions”

“Her Pie Is Dry”

“Back of The Buggy”

Excerpt-  “It was a hot July morning.  His shirt, dripping with sweat revealed a thin but strapping torso.  Her thoughts smoldered, greedy by naughtyness, watching him work at the barn raising.

“Heartbreak By The Log Splitter”

“Bowl-Cut Boyfriend”

“Meet Me At The Well”

Excerpt-  “Angelic she was.  A naked ankle teased me peaking out from beneath her shimmery, blue dress.  No one shoed a horse with such radiance.”

“Tough Me With Your Milking Hands”

and finally,

“Apron-String Dominatrix”


Now please, don’t bother me.  I’ve got a book to finish.


4 Replies to “Hot Amish Lit”

  1. Next thing you know Florida Governor DeSantis will put them on the “banned book list”. Florida children will have to learn about the Amish by watching TLC!

    1. Margaret,
      Dang, that’s funny! You are on fire, girl!
      Thank you for adding your touch!