An Editorial: A.I.

An Editorial: A.I.


Let’s be serious for a moment.

Artificial intelligence, A.I., is here.  It is all around us, spreading faster than a world-wide virus in the 2020s.

Machines, especially computer systems, are being programmed to simulate human intelligence processes…to mimic our speech, our thoughts, our writing, even our emotions.

Innovative?  Yes.  Daunting?  You bet.  Snacks?  No thanks, I just ate.


With an editorial message about artificial intelligence, here is My Odd Sock…


A statement from the top dog.

“Good day reader of this draggy blog.

Perhaps you are aware of the knowledge tsunami before us-the wrath of artificial intelligence.

Well I am here to say I am moist under the arms about A.I.  Tentative.  Nervous.  Shaking (which may be my blood sugar), but regardless, I fear A.I. as its capabilities are expanding far faster than our limits can safely comprehend.  In fact the European Union agrees, and is currently working on a new regulatory clampdown for A.I. to slow its implementation into society.

I am not afraid of progress, but what I fear most is being replaced.

A.I. is stealing jobs.  Certainly robotics & automation have affected assembly lines for years.  But now A.I. is capable of creative work.  Work that hits too close to home.  Giving one an uncomfortable feeling like when someone crowds your personal space standing in line.

I fear A.I. will replace writers, journalists, copy writers, poets, humorists, lyricists, the list goes on.

Computers don’t ask for residuals.

Creators of the written form replaced by a room of servers & patch cords.

Hard drives over headlines.

Data ousting drama.

Coding spitting out comedy.

I am terrified.  And I won’t stand for it.

Therefore I pledge to you…artificial intelligence will never, NEVER-ever replace this nimble-thinking mind to write one, solitary, mispelled, wrong-tensed word on this site.  Matter of fact, NO intelligence what-so-ever will be used to create this dribble!

Just as big & twice the seeds.


How could I ever allow a computer to substitute for my ginormous, melon-sized head?

Oh, A.I. may be better than yours truly at subject-verb conjugation.  A.I. may have a larger vocabulary.  And A.I. is certainly faster than my plodding scribbles on a journal page.


But I counter by asking…Did A.I. ever flunk Calculus 131?  I’m not certain.

Did it take A.I. five years to earn a four-year degree?  It’s unclear.

One stylin grad!


Did A.I. ever rock a purple tie & swim fins at commencement, graduating with a 2.3 GPA in Broadcast Communications?

I don’t f-ing think so, A.I.  Screw you, artificial intelligence!

My Odd Sock is here to stay…and suck it will till the very end.

In closing, a zombie apocalypse does not frighten me.  A.I., on the other hand.”

Your thoughts…

2 Replies to “An Editorial: A.I.”

  1. The scary thing about A. I., is that it can be used maliciously and spread dangerous misinformation. No one will know what’s real and what’s not,
    We already have “Fox News” for that.

    1. Margaret,
      Excellent excellent point!
      It’s so silly but I worry about students beating the system by using AI to write papers. I mean, I had to pay my buddy’s girlfriend to do that.
      Welcome back. Glad to have you in the fold once again!