Leaf Blowers Blow

Leaf Blowers Blow


A reason for the season.

The fall season brings out its absolute best.

Crisp temps.  Clear skies.  And a rainbow of vivid colors as Mother Nature shows her hand.

But on the contrary, with fall, also comes its absolute worst–the emergence of the annoying, man-made cicada of the season–the LEAF BLOWER.


You see, I loathe leaf blowers.  Can’t stand ’em.

And this time of year they drone on & on with a sound more piercing than a crying infant on a Delta nonstop to Hoboken.

It appears every one living on my street owns a leaf blower.  And they use them at the exact same time.

I begin to wonder…Is this my neighborhood?  Or do I live next to LaGuardia?  Because these leaf blowers scream with the same engine sound as a Boeing. 


To sit outside on my porch during this leaf blowing mayhem I wear headphones like I’m on the tarmac at LAX.


Me-  (Shouting to a neighbor)  “Hey Jon, who makes that leaf blower you got…Stihl or McConnell Douglas?”


These leaf blowers do pack a powerful punch, blowing 100, 150, 160, some over 200 mph!  Are you trying to blow leaves?…Or the sod UNDER them?

Up up & away!



Here is an actual photo of a neighbor showing off by using his leaf blower as a jet pack.  Now THAT’S power!




My question is…where exactly are you blowing these leaves?  Down to the curb?  Because as soon as you turn around the wind brings’em right back.

The battle.

One neighbor blows her leaves one direction while the other blows his the opposite.

It’s so ridiculous to watch them blow leaves back & forth in a weird game of botanical pickleball.

Maybe someday I will begin to understand the purpose of using a leaf blower.  Till then I’ll stick to my guns that leaf blowers blow while I simply (and quietly) continue using my rake.





8 Replies to “Leaf Blowers Blow”

  1. This very thing happened to me this morning. It’s EIGHT O’CLOCK in the morning and I am in my power chair comfortably tucked under my computer table, ready to start the day reviewing my social media and searching the internet for useless trivia. Next thing I know, I hear this noise so loud, I didn’t know if the Blue Angel’s were practicing (yes, I do really hear AND can see them when they are here practicing for an air show) or was hurricane Nicole passing over the neighborhood. So I roll over to the front window and what do I see, an orchestra of lawn equipment being played by my neighbors lawn service. They come with 5 members playing their instruments., the mower, 2 blowers, and 2 edgers. Let’s just say this was not a piece by Beethoven. You and I are on the same page.

    1. Margaret,
      That sounds like quite the mess! I’m sure the noise drown out the sound of hurricane Nicole.
      Also, good to know your morning routine of “searching the internet for useless trivia” includes a visit to myoddsock!
      Thanks for your story. Keep your ears plugged!

  2. So true my friend!! Laughed out loud several times at this one. I love autumn so much I often open my door and let the leaves blow in, naturally though. It makes the digs festive. But out comes the neighbor’s leaf blower and I skip two months ahead and turn into the Grinch. “Oh the noise, noise, NOISE!”

    1. Yvonne,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Hahaha, the Grinch! I picture that scene in my head (I’ve seen it so many times) and laugh at your reference. Great one!

  3. Get some nails and a hammer. Next time a neighbor starts up their leaf blower, pick up some of the leaves, walk into their yard, and begin nailing them to the ground. This won’t help matters, but the resulting video will be hilarious.

    1. Greg,
      Good idea. The hammer & nails will work better than rubber cement.
      Thanks for visiting & commenting!