23 & Me

23 & Me


Let me explain.


From the title you may think this post is about the popular DNA genetic testing company, 23andMe.

Well, wrong you are my friend.

(Although personally this subject matter is equally as complicated.)



You see in THEIR world, the number 23 refers to the 23-pairs of chromosomes in human DNA.  The genetic code stuff that makes you, you.

But in the My Odd Sock bizarro world, my 23 refers to the number of hair-care bottles perilously perched along the edge of our bathroom shower/tub.

Twenty-three bottles of shampoos, conditioners, washes, rinses, moisturizers & treatments.

Twenty-three bottles of shampoos that condition.  Conditioners that moisturize.  Moisturizers that treat.  And rinses that wash away the whole damn mess.

Do we have a pulse?



Twenty-three full, vital bottles.

Nary a one…empty, on its death-bed, propped in a corner with hope to extend its life.




To me, the exact purpose of each is unknown.

And the name of these products further add to the confusion…






Are these hair-care products or the starting five of the Hungarian National basketball team?

Me:  “Gee, your hair smells terrific.”

Her:  “It’s Furterer!”

Me-  “Wha? sorry I asked.”

Lost in a crowd.


So many bottles in there.

Who else is using our shower?…Rapunzel?

Whatever happened to Pert, the all-in-one?



Of course with me having MS, hefting an errant foot over the edge of the shower means knocking over a half-dozen bottles in a daily game of “Bowling for Hair-Care.”


It’s 23 bottles of stuff I’ll never understand.

So for best results, I’ll just continue to: Wet hair.  Apply.  And rinse.



3 Replies to “23 & Me”

  1. I only have one bottle of shampoo in my shower. I too turn bottles upside down to suck out that last breath. Not only that, before I needed assistance and was able to wash my own hair, I would add water to the empty bottle and shake it for one last shampoo.

    1. Margaret,
      Heck yeah, I turn’em upside down too. It’s amazing how much more you can get out of them! The added water is a great idea!

      1. I not only turn shampoo upside down, but I also turn anything that can be flipped upside down, lotion, hand soap, etc. It’s a skill to be able to balance the bottle without it falling over. I would even flip upside down ketchup bottles and other condiments before they started manufacturing the bottles upside down. Greatest invention ever! Do you ever say to yourself, “why didn’t I think of that”?