A Big Red Bow

A Big Red Bow


Open me last.


Putting a big red bow on a gift carries significant meaning.

A big red bow says this is it!  The top gift!  None better!  What you always wanted!  A show stopper!

That’s why you don’t put a big red bow on dish towels, socks or underwear.


Who gets a car for Christmas?


A big red bow belongs on things like a car, a bicycle or baseball mitt.

You put a big red bow on a doll house, basketball hoop or recliner.


Awww, cute.



Concert tickets, a leather jacket or a puppy.

Those are the items worthy of a big red bow!


With this in mind, I decided to put the big red bow theory to test.

Does putting a big red bow on common stuff make them that much better?

Let’s find out…


Lazy bugger!






When someone leaves an empty toilet roll.



It can’t be any worse.






My college transcript.

(A scholarly 2.3 GPA)



Really works!







A garden weasel.



Might be garbage to you, but to me…






The trash bin.



It was pretty back in the day.






The dead flower still in the bed.



You gotta use it to benefit.







A once popular but never used fitness gizmo.



You gotta use it to benefit.







Hemorrhoid medication.



And lastly…


Plugs. Get some plugs.



My receding hairline.


Conclusion:  Nah, a big red bow doesn’t help, but I’ll keep trying.  So you keep moving.





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    1. Joanne,
      Thank you. Merry Christmas & a happy New Year to you & yours!
      Looking forward to 2021!