Outta My Routine

Outta My Routine

I’ve been out of sorts lately.  Family matters, holidays–you know the drill.  I wanted to write about it…till I realized I wrote pretty much the same damn thing in “Outta My Routine” from 2015 as well as “The Routine of MS” from way back in 2011.

So instead of writing something fresh, I am taking the lazy way out and reposting this dribble.  Hope you don’t mind.  But with your memory the size of a gerbil, you probably won’t remember it anyhow–right?

Here goes.  Back with new stuff soon enough.


Something was up.

I was stiff as a statue.  My feet were dragging like Fred Flintstone stopping his car.

I couldn’t sleep.

Or poop.


This is weird!
This is weird!


Then it occurred to me.  I was out of my routine.

The holidays can do that to you.

I was away from home.  Sleeping in a different place.  Eating too much of the wrong foods.  Sitting.  Doing nothing.

And I was paying the price.

You see, my “bromance” with multiple sclerosis has been based on routine—and any slight change to that routine can lead to disaster!


Easy for you!
Easy for you!



I know, I know, the “experts” tell everyone to “Break Their Routine!”


“Life’s routine leads to complacency”, they crow.


“Move outside of your comfort zone!”


“Wash you hands of routine because routine holds you back!”


I'll take the parking zone instead!
I’ll take the parking zone instead!


Yada, yada, yada they drone about the perils of routine.


But one thing is certain, those “experts” don’t have MS.


If they did, they would realize how anything out of routine can quickly throw an MSer off kilter.


People who don’t know me think I’m obsessive because I take my meds at specific times…need to stretch during the day & before bed…don’t like to be late or rushed…and want to know what is planned, when & where.


See, the “experts” don’t realize that we as MSers have to be concerned with the heat, the cold and the sun.  How much we stand—how much we sit.  The noise, chaos & crowds.  The surface…Steps?  Thick carpet?  Wet tile?  Grass?  Uphill?  Downhill?

Not to mention the potty situation!

We MSer’s have a lot on our minds, therefore we don’t mind routine.  It’s OK.  Even preferred!


So my message to those with MS is this:

Through the holiday season, you will probably find yourself in a new situation or evironment.  But don’t stress.  Keep calm and breath deep.  You’ll make it through…routine or not.

And to those without MS:

Just put yourself in our shoes.  Realize small hurdles to you can seem overwhelmingly enormous to us.  Be patient & be aware of the situation.

Together, we’ll make it through!

How about you?  How does routine, or lack of, affect your daily battle with MS?

As for me?  I’m happy to be back home—back in my MS routine.  And feeling good about it.





9 Replies to “Outta My Routine”

  1. You hit the nail on the head this time. As a fellow ms’ er of 35 years, this really gets harder each year. I do the best I can and just smile because it’s just too hard for most people to wrap their head around. But that’s ok! Thanks for the post and have a great Christmas! ♡♡♡

  2. I am back to my routine now. The past 2 weeks have really messed me up. Wednesday felt like Sunday, Thursday felt like Monday……

    1. Margaret,
      Yep, me too. I need a calendar to change my mind.
      Thanks for reading & commenting!

      1. I love this article! Yes a routine is so so important to me. I hope we can survive this. I am more than concerned about the heat, cold, maybe obsessed 🤓 I pay for it with leg spasms when dressed too warm, etc etc

        1. Kim,
          Thanks Kim! Hate to sound like a boring, old man but if I don’t take my pills, wear my brace, exercise & do my stretching–I’m a wreck.

  3. I loved this post a second time! It’s all so true and “my life, and I deal with it Thanks again Doug ❤️

    1. Joanne,
      I hated to break my routine of taking the easy way out. Thanks for your kind words the second time around.