Get out your money!

In sports betting the “over/under” is a popular wager.

Mind you, I am not a gambler but over/under is so easy to explain even I understand.

For example if a predicted score has been set at “10” the bettors can wager if the actual score will be higher or lower than that number.

And it’s not just sports, the “over/under” can be found almost anywhere.  Even with multiple sclerosis!

Here are some popular MS over/under wagers…..



Over/Under 4  The number of stabbing pains you feel reaching for the tv remote.




Over/Under 1.5  The number of drips & spills on your shirt during dinner.



Over/Under 2.5  The number of times you drop the soap while bathing.



Over/Under 3  The number of times your nose itches during an MRI.



Over/Under 6  The number of commercials you’ll see a night featuring Flo from Progressive Insurance.



Over/Under 2  The number of sleepy trips you will make to the bathroom during the night.



Over/Under 3.5  The number of times you doze off at the movie theater.



Over/Under 2.5  The number of your cramped attempts to get out of a car after a long drive.



Over/Under 5  The number of minutes before you begin to fade in direct sunlight.



Over/Under 6.5  The number of seconds it takes to strategize how to use a strange restroom.



Over/Under 5.5  The number of seconds you stare at a McDonald’s menu board before ordering even though you know what they sell.



Over/Under 3.5  The number of tries to get your coat zipped before giving up and simply wrapping it around your waist.


And finally,


Over/Under 4.5   The number of lids you try to fit on a Tupperware container.



I am “betting” you are glad this post is “over.”  If you have your own wager to set, be sure to share it in a comment.

Public Safety Disclaimer:  Gambling can be an addictive illness much like reading this stupid blog.

4 Replies to “Over/Under”

  1. Oddsock, I couldn’t quit grinning and laughing at all your wagers. I thought I was the only one that got an itchy nose, as soon as the MRI starts?!? Your humor is so , mine too, but you articulate it so much better! Thanks for the laughs. You are so appreciated. Be happy and keep on keepin on 🙃

    1. Kim,
      Over/Under 1…your mind is foggy & memory is shot when put on the spot.
      Thanks for your comment!