Downright Lazy

Downright Lazy


About the author?

Eh, don’t get me started.

All these current trends and new fangled technologies.

I’m a 55 year-old fuddy-duddy who doesn’t know a Kardashian from a Gregorian.

I remember the days when telemarketers were living, breathing humans–NOT robots.  And with all this online shopping, I know my UPS driver better than the store clerk.

Convenience is grand but some of this new way of living is being downright lazy.

“Designed” really?

Untuckit features an entire line of shirts meant to be left hanging.  Just the right length to be left untucked.  And the perfect length to give others a glimpse of your hairy stomach by raising your arms.  (Like that’s what you want to see.)

Though I have always been a tucked guy myself, I admit it looks fashionable on some.  Me?  I just feel sloppy.  And cold.

I’ll give Untuckit shirts a pass, but I’m not certain there is a need for an entire fashion line of untucked shirts.  What’s stopping me from wearing my current shirts out?  Why do I need yours?

And where is this untuckable trend leading?  What’s next unzippable pants?


Quite a fancy logo!

All the new shave clubs fascinate me.

Shaving is a hobby of mine as I seem to be related to the Yeti and have been shaving since the 8th grade.

But I don’t understand the convenience of having razors delivered to my home each month.

I don’t have toilet paper & toothpaste delivered and I seem to manage that supply all right.  So what’s the diff with razor blades?



Shoes that don’t need tied are all the rage now.

A company called Kizik offers shoes that “pop on.”

I gotta admit these shoes are about as ugly as they come.  Buster Brown made better looking shoes.  I have seen more fashionable kicks on the feet of residents at my mom’s nursing home.

And it is not just Kizik, Nike (and soon will Puma) has self-lacing shoes that are connected to an app on a smartphone.  The app allows your shoes to be tightened or loosened with a swipe of a finger.

Thank goodness for this new technology as it was such a burden to bend at the waist.

Best of all–get this, the Nike & Puma self-lacing smart shoes have batteries in the sole which needs to be charged once a week depending on use.

I charge my phone nearly everyday, now you tell me I must charge my shoes too?

Imagine the quick-charging station at the airport.  Everyone has their phones out while one dude stands there charging his smart shoes!

Eh, don’t get me started, I told ya.  It’s all being downright lazy.