Putting It Away

Putting It Away


Where are my shoes?

I swear it’s not being picky.

Or anal.

Or some form of OCD.

I’m not being bossy.

Or a neat-nick.

Or particular.

I swear it’s it’s it’s multiple sclerosis’ fault!  MS made me this way.

Here’s how…

Multiple sclerosis eats up our energy like a Ford F-350 guzzles gas.  Therefore we need to get things done as quickly & efficiently as possible before MS makes us tap out.

Personally I can’t afford to waste energy searching for something I need that wasn’t put back in its proper place.

Not in there.



Whether it’s a screwdriver.

Or can opener.


Or car keys.

Home sweet home.




As one with MS I think you will agree it makes life easier when items are put away in their proper place.



Nope, not there.



It’s the same anywhere, at home or at work.

Someone would borrow a stapler and not return it.

Then when you need to staple something you must waste your limited energy tracking it down.

In the drawer.




Maybe I am being nit-picky here.




Look I am not pointing a finger at him or her.  Heck I’m as much to blame as anyone.

Wait wha?



I’ll set something down thinking I’ll put it away later.  

Forgetting of course (another strike of MS).

Then it’s a search & rescue mission next time I need it.

Definitely the right place!





Managing multiple sclerosis is a round-the-clock duty.

But one simple thing you can do to start, is putting it away.






6 Replies to “Putting It Away”

  1. I’m a bit anal too! There’s a place for everything and everything has it’s place. Firm believer in this, so just put your stuff back where you found it! It’s not that hard 🙂

    1. So glad I am not alone with this habit. I was like this before MS but now it is even worse!

    1. Renee,
      Thanks for visiting. Glad you enjoy My Odd Sock. The site doesn’t have a subscription feature so you’ll just have to check back. Usually post every week or so. Thanks again!