Snow Prints (In Pictures!)

Snow Prints (In Pictures!)

Four inches of snow on the ground, time to shovel out a classic My Odd Sock.  Watch your step & enjoy…


A pictorial of animal tracks in the snow…..


Dog    Dog

Birds    Bird


Racoon    Raccoon

Person with MS (cane aided)  MSer walking with a cane.

Person with MS (Right foot-drop)   MSer with right foot drop.

Person with MS using rollator   MSer using a rollator.

Person with MS falling on butt    MSer slipping & falling.


11 Replies to “Snow Prints (In Pictures!)”

  1. Hope you don’t mind, I just had to share “Snow Prints” with some friends on an MS Forum at Delphi. A little sick humor but we were all laughing and have all been right there with you including the last picture. I tend to move a little more snow when getting up though.

  2. ROTF (no pun intended) LMAO

    That really put a smile to my day to read. I wish I had a picture of my most recent track that included the falling on face with Canadian crutches. At least we’ve had enough snow lately to help cushion that one. Doh.

    1. Nice one SpeckledBrain! When one falls in the snow with Canadian crutches–is the resulting “print” shaped like a maple leaf?

  3. Well, I guess if the faceplant happens just right it looks like a maple leaf with stems and all… I only hope it’s a dead leaf and not bright red. 😉

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  5. Great post. I am really excited to check out the upcoming A-Team movie! It’ll bring back a lot of old memories.

  6. I cannot imagine you will ever be out of ideas! Your blog is one of the most interesting and fun I have come across! I don’t have MS (Sjogrens fun instead) but I and I know many others can relate to your stories. They depict real life dilemmas and frustrations in (if possible) a positive light that we all must keep burning in order to get through the day! Please keep it up! And stay out of the snow! 🙂

  7. Awesome, I cannot believed I missed this one, seems like yesterday I was just over here…time flies when your having fun, lol

  8. I can relate to falling in the snow, rain, in sand etc., etc., but looking at all the different tracks, puts it all in perspective. Thanks for the post. All I know that no matter where I walk, I can find a way to fall. My husband and I laugh because I seem to fall in slow motion, therefore usually not getting hurt. Just like all MS ers, we just pick ourselves up and move on : )