Helping Hand

Helping Hand


Give a little.

From time to time everyone can use a little extra help.

Whether you are doing something around the house, filling out a complicated form or moving furniture to run the vacuum (Who does that?), a helping hand is welcome relief.

Having multiple sclerosis, I routinely find myself in situations when I feel like a turtle on its back and I could use a hand.


The right hand is full while the left hand holds on to maintain balance.  One needs a third hand to pick up what you just dropped from the right.

I have even gone so far to wedge my head against a wall or counter for balance…freeing up one hand to accomplish a task.

Holding something between your teeth is another option to free up a hand.  (Yep, we MSers are a resourceful bunch.)

My point is we can all use help at times.

And I have noticed people are more than willing to lend a hand.  I can’t tell you how many times complete strangers have asked if I needed help getting my wheelchair out of my car.

Folks go out of their way to hold doors for me.  (Moving so slow, I often tell them the store will be closed by the time I get inside.)





The last time I had a helping hand come at me like this…the doctor checked my prostate!




Some people try to be so helpful, I must share what happened a couple of weeks ago.

The sun was blazing hot as I slowly shuffled my way into the post office to mail a package.  Inside, the line was long.  I stood & waited for ten minutes (which seemed like an hour).

When finished I returned to the heat on the death march to my car.

My legs were weak.

My steps could be measured with a kiddie ruler.

Then, I heard a faint voice call out…”Can I help you?”

My savior.


I looked up to see an elderly lady using a rollator.

And I laughed out loud.


It struck me so funny that this lady, moving slightly faster than I, was willing to help.

Through my chortles, I mustered a…”Can I help YOU?  I have a wheelchair in the back of my car.”

“Oh no thanks” she replied as she rolled away.

The ironic nature of our short meeting still puts a smile on my puss.

Neither one of us could really help the other–but we were willing to try.

Thanks maam, whomever you are, for the offer of your helping hand.

I should have taken you up on your offer.

6 Replies to “Helping Hand”

  1. Oh how nice of her! I offer my rollator to hang on to if they look unsteady. My dad is the only one of took hold of it to steady himself. Yes we are a creative bunch when finding ways to get the job done! without falling.
    I am the one who wishes I could move the furniture more often to clean under it lol

  2. Kim,
    That’s a good point…didn’t think of her helping me in that way.
    I have learned that despite our shortcomings, we still want to help–and that’s a good thing!
    Thank you for your comment!

  3. My husband and I were just discussing this. My husband knows I am very self sufficient but still need help. I was a nurse for 25 years and don’t like to depend on anyone but realize with MS. There’s no way around needing help. I like to think that people in general are kind and like to help, Ss do I when able. I have a basket on my walker so that’s my carrying tool for about everything, it’s quite the sight sometimes. Be happy and resourceful every day!

  4. My family and neighbor help me with my physical challenges, so I try to reciprocate “mentally”. By that I mean I occasionally help my 91 year young Dad, Sister, or Neighbor with things like researching topics on the Internet, making phone calls, or composing letters or emails for them. Though I am unable to drive, wash clothes, or do something as simple as picking up something from the floor, fortunately I can still use my “mind” as a way to pay back those that are always there to lend me a “helping hand”.

  5. Joanne & Margaret,
    That a way ladies! Keep using it! Do what you can as much as you can.
    Thanks for sharing your great perspectives.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration, Margaret. Im still in and out of feeling sorry for myself/and for things I took for granted before, like taking a quick shower and running a forgotten lunch to my childs school. But there are things I can do, and am truly grateful for them. I really appreciate all of the positiveness, and humor.