The Sunday Ads

The Sunday Ads


Lets get shopping!


The Sunday ads.

Some say it’s the only reason to get a Sunday paper.

Everything you need (or could ever want) is on sale.


Here at My Odd Sock, I like to scour the ads for anything you wouldn’t want—and this week’s ads do not disappoint.

Let’s get on with the silliness…..


First, we go straight to the classifieds for a great deal on a lift chair.

Have a seat.

A Pride lift chair.

“Brown Sugar,” which I assume is the color NOT the taste.  (You never know.)

“For short legs”…whatever that means.

Guess you’ll need a seamstress to measure your inseam to learn if this chair is the right fit for you.

“For short legs?”…why not be even more obscure by saying “For knees that bend outward.”


Let’s move on…..


Vibrant indeed.

Parade magazine, the popular Sunday insert, is a great place to find ads for Jitterbug cellphones…copper-infused support socks…and a myriad of products to melt belly fat.

But it is also where I found this charming bronze sculpture of “Michael the Triumphant Warrior.”

“Mike,” looking as though he belongs on the cover of a romance paperback, has just slain a mighty dragon.

Oooo, Nana would love to have this on her table of knick-knacks.  Right between her word-search  & a collection of cough drops.

She would be the envy of Tuesday afternoon canasta!

It can be yours (or mine) for $69.99 or three easy payments of $23.33.

My Lord I would really like to know how many people ordered St. Michael.  They should be institutionalized.

Moving on…..


Mm Mm good.

From Target, we find this young girl gnawing on a person-sized watermelon.

“Hey hon, it tastes much better if you slice it first!”

She thinks it’s a Tootsie Pop melon—you gotta get through the rhind outside to enjoy the refreshing inside.

I’m just glad she turned her cap backwards for some serious chewing.




Finally, last item…..


President Reagan, watch your mouth!


Its a collector’s set of seven Presidential dollars, honoring Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford & Reagan (pictured).

The ad says the coins are “uncirculated”….because nobody wants them!

“Never to be minted again”…because there is NO demand!

Who wants a coin depicting Reagan eating a sour lemon?

Either that or he is saying the F-word.  Remember, you can’t say the F-word unless the top teeth meet the bottom lip.


That’s my take on the Sunday ads.

Shop now as these items are only available for a limited time.

My charge is overdrawn so till next time.

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  1. I Love your new Header, pro looking blog! I need to do the same but?? Who would buy these ads lol. Institutionalized people with short legs…..Reagan does look like he is eating a lemon.