My Odd Sock’s Dumb Stuff

My Odd Sock’s Dumb Stuff


Isn’t it all dumb stuff?



Welcome to My Odd Sock’s “Dumb Stuff” where we feature absurd products that make little sense.


Today, we thumb our way through Parade Magazine.


As you may know, Parade is the weekly insert found in the Sunday paper.  It features celebrity news, tidbits, recipes along with ads for products that leave you scratching your head.



Ever see the “collectible & commemorative” Super Bowl thimble set?  (True product!) 

Ooo, be the talk of the quilting bee…

Eleanor-  “Myrna is all uppiddy using her thimble from Super Bowl 9!”

Helen-  “At least she’s not bragging about her smartphone from Jitterbug.”

Eleanor-  “Uh hmm.”


…Which leads me to the subject of this post.

Introducing…..the Easy Climber Elevator!


Holy crap!


How about finding room in your home for this convenient & attractive device!

The` ad says it is slightly larger than a washing machine…more like a damn phone booth from Ma Bell.


It’s like Superman’s changing room in your foyer!

Didn’t Ric Flair battle Undertaker in the Easy Climber during Wrestlemania IV?

If the grandkids get out of line–you can put’em away for time-out in your own holding cell.


Sweet addition–if you’re a Radisson!



The ad says:

“Can be placed virtually anywhere in your home.”


Yeah anywhere big enough to fit an elevator!


I could understand the need if the Easy Climber was big enough for a scooter, but it doesn’t even appear large enough for my wheelchair.




The no-so fine print.

Says the Easy Climber is “Ideal for ranch houses with basements.”

Wait, isn’t that the purpose of living in a ranch?…NO STAIRS?

I love how the ad reads “Motorized stair lifts…are hardly an enhancement to your home’s decor.”

But a game-show’s sound-proof booth IS?

The Easy Climber looks like one of those things you get inside & money blows all over the place.


If you want to learn more about the Easy Climber Elevator, call’em at 1-888-927-5273.

I pass, Easy Climber.  I’m sticking with my thimble set.


3 Replies to “My Odd Sock’s Dumb Stuff”

  1. Does this contraption even have a purpose? It seems to me if you’re strong enough to stand upright, you have the ability to take the stairs. No room for a manual/electric wheelchair, or a walker/rollator, then who needs it?

  2. Margaret & Kim,
    All three of us agree. Maybe an escalator, hmm?
    Thank you for commenting!