Party Pooper

Party Pooper



Without the smell.
Without the smell.



I’m always sorta glad when the holidays are over.

The social atmoshere of family gatherings, Christmas parties & New Year festivities make me stick out like Santa Claus during Hanukkah.


Mind you, I was never a life of the party.

But I was certainly a more active participant in years past.




The decline in my socialbility?

No doubt, I place the blame directly, point-blank, wholeheartedly on Multiple Sclerosis.


Notice I'm only halfway finished.
Notice I’m only halfway finished.



The reasons are so numerous they could fill a novel by Leon Uris.


Included in no particular order are:


  • Time of day
  • Accessibility
  • Crowds
  • Bathroom location
  • Loud music/party chatter
  • Energy level
  • Close quarters
  • Unfamiliar locations
  • New people
  • Standing/sitting too long
  • Logistics of food & drinks
  • Nerves
  • Being off-schedule
  • Yada yada
  • Etc
  • Everything  


Whereas I was once witty & charming to talk with (the other person being well-intoxicated), the loud noise of a party drain my thoughts to the point where I can only grunt like the Geico caveman (and just as hairy).

I don’t have the energy to speak loudly enough over the commotion to make myself heard.


Another problem is that I take up a helluva lot of space.

Whether using my two canes or the wheelchair, I find myself being the giant ottoman in a cramped living room.


Straight-back no less!
Straight-back no less!



For these reasons, I usually find myself in an out-of-the-way corner.

I’m good at smiling and mouthing “hi” to people who venture into my quadrant of the room.




Someone call 911.
Someone call 911.



Well, I see my thoughts on this topic have the Funny Meter smoking like a Samsung, so I’ll end my bickering.


How’s your MS social life?

Do you experience similar feelings and/or thoughts?


Here’s to a more social 2017.









4 Replies to “Party Pooper”

  1. Even after enduring MS for 36 years, I will never be able to feel comfortable in a party or crowded setting! I have apologized continuously for being in the way, taking up too much room and not being able to sit or stand for extended periods of time. Everyone always says ” you’re ok”. If they only knew! I’m gonna try to give myself s break from now on and not be so hard on myself. Happy New Year odd sock….keep on making us smile!

  2. Joanne,
    If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “You’re OK”…I could afford the new MS drug.
    Thank you for reading & your comment!

  3. You are not alone. Over the years I’ve had to decline many social invitations for all the very reasons you mentioned. However, I am in a group with 8 other family’s who have been getting together for just over 20 years. We try to meet once a month at each other’s home and we take turns alphabetically by the family’s last name. Since I became wheelchair bound 7 years ago, out of the 8 family’s I can only get in one of the homes because it was made “handicap friendly” to accommodate their elderly parents who used to live with them before they passed away. Another person in my group works for a hotel, so when it is his month, he hosts the get together in one of the handicap rooms at the hotel to accommodate me. We are a very close group and we usually meet at 8pm Saturday night. I usually have to pass when it is my turn, but my friends understand. Last year my friends suggested we meet at my home 4:00 Sunday afternoon and they brought the snacks so I did not have to do anything. Another thing we do, when the get together is at my other friend’s homes, I try to visit via Skype. This in no way solves my socialization problem. I miss out on so many functions I wish I could attend. I just wanted to share one way that I am able to “make things work”.

  4. Margaret,
    Tremendous ideas! So thankful you have shared your ways to deal with thes issues!