My Odd Sock’s “Lost And Found”

My Odd Sock’s “Lost And Found”



Giving back.
Giving  back.


Here at My Odd Sock, we pledge our best to help those who are helping others.


So when a dear pal shared the heartbreaking story of a wayward creature, My Odd Sock eagerly jumped, selflessly mind you, to use its world-wide reach to support the worthy cause.


Here is the wistful saga…..



Please help spread the word.
Please help spread the word.















Yes, a chicken has been found.

And we are determined to find its rightful owner.


Very personable, I might add.
Very personable, I might add.

Keep in mind this is no ordinary chicken.


But a “friendly” chicken.


Although we are all familiar with a “friendly” dog that licks our face, wags its tail or humps our leg.

A “friendly” chicken is uncharted territory to most.



Prefers conversation over clucking.
Prefers conversation over clucking.


Personally I would describe a chicken as “delicious”, “delectable”, even “yummy” before using the word “friendly.”


But maybe this chicken was found by a member of PETA, who knows.



All I can do is picture in my mind a family of teary-eyed young children mourning the loss of their dear, friendly chicken.



If you or someone you know has lost a friendly chicken, you are urged to contact this website inn comment form and I will be sure to put you in touch with this civic-minded citizen.

Now all this talk has peaked my appetite, so off to KFC.








One Reply to “My Odd Sock’s “Lost And Found””

  1. I think the chicken is on the run after running across a cow holding up a sign saying “Eat More Chicken”. I sure hope the person who found him is a vegetarian. 🙂