Are you being serious?
Are you being serious?


You and I must LOVE to analyize stuff.

We must LOVE to hear commentary on current events, news, sports, trends & culture.

Discussion of different opinions & ideas.

Predictions & prognostication.

What ifs & what was.


At least that’s what TV networks must think.



What'dya think, Howie?
What’dya think, Howie?

Why else would the Fox Network have five talking heads in studio to discuss a football game?

Five?  Really?

(Actually 4 1/2 if you count Terry Bradshaw.  Love the guy but he’s so beaten up he’s a walking example of concussion protocol!)


A recent example of the media’s commentary overkill happened just last month during the political conventions.

Did you happen to watch coverage of the GOP convention on CNN?


You need a scorecard!
You need a scorecard!


Yeah, they had 9…nine…count’em NINE “experts” on the set to discuss every tiny nuance of whatever.

So many folks in fact, CNN had to call Patio Enclosures to build an extension on the studio!



Can't be outdone!
Can’t be outdone!


Of course CNN must give equal coverage to the Democrats…so in trot another nine yackety-yakers to give us enough opinions our heads were about to explode!

I can hardly wait to see what CNN unveils for election night.


Media, please take it easy on folks like me.  I got Pokemon to catch & “The Bachelorette” on tivo.





2 Replies to “Really?”

  1. Cute. Sad but true. I still dont understand the need for commentation after speeches, games etc. It’s a put down to people that have even a half a brain or opinion. Too much news and definitely too many cooks in the kitchen! Amen1

  2. Joanne,
    Well said my friend. Thanks for saying it well (I’m one with half a brain!.