MS Know-It-All

MS Know-It-All



Are you ready?
Are you ready?


Think you’re an MS Know-It-All?


Do you yawn your way through routine visits with your neurologist?


Are you up-to-snuff with all the new fangled treatment options for the ick we call multiple sclerosis?




If so, you are WAY too intelligent for any challenge offered by this website.  But for the rest of you (myself included), here are some MS-related questions to stretch your noggin.

You may begin…


Question #1  Presidential candidate or MS medication?  Below are three choices.  Two of which are names of current MS medications, the other, includes names of presidential wannabe’s.  Select the list of candidates.

A)-   Plegridy, Lemtrada, Extavia

B)-   Glatopa, Acthar, Orapred

C)-   Jindal, Pataki, Chafee



Question #2  Listed below are three foot-related therapy products.  Which item is most preferred by an associate of Walmart?

A)-   Dynasplint range of motion equipment

B)-   Ossur AFO (Ankle-foot orthosis)

C)-   Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel insoles


Hmm, tough one.
Hmm, tough one.


Question #3  Here are three names.  Two are Greek goddesses & one is known as the “MS walking pill.”  Find the medication.

A)-   Hestia

B)-   Athena

C)-   Ampyra




Question #4  A shower chain is a handy addition to an MSer’s bathroom.  Here are two good reasons and one really stupid reason to own a shower chair.  Choose the stupid reason.

A)-   A shower chair increases your safety.

B)-   A shower chair reduces your fatigue.

C)-   A shower chair allows you to sit while hiding froma knife-weilding intruder (as in every scary movie).


Question #5  Here are three statements defining Gadolinium.  Choose the incorrect response.

A)-   Gadolinium is a type of dye used during a contrast MRI.

B)-   Gadolinium enhances areas of active inflammation.

C)-  What I scream when surprise-stuck with a needle….”GAD-o-linium!!!”


So he thinks.
So he thinks.




Question #6-   Find the most inappropriate cause of skin flushing.

A)-   Tecfidera

B)-   Gilenya

C)-   Accidently farting in an elevator



There you have it.  That wasn’t bad, was it?

See, you know more about multiple sclerosis than you give yourself credit for!

Wait, you want the answers?  Really?  It is pretty obvious the correct choice to each question is “C”.  (That’s also my high school GPA.)

On that note, keep learning about your MS.  Keep living life & keep moving.


2 Replies to “MS Know-It-All”

  1. Lol I really laughed at those C answers! I have a new practical reason for my shower chair now! And elevator flushing!