You’re An Inspiration.

You’re An Inspiration.


Everyone needs a little push now and then.  Something or someone that makes you want to dig a little deeper.  Try a little harder.  Go a little longer.

Just don’t let that spark be me.

Let’s back up slightly and I’ll explain.

If you have been a reader of My Odd Sock for any length of time (I thank you & pity you in the same breath!), you know I am a big fan of exercise.  Movement of any kind–no matter your energy level or disability.

In my eyes, exercise, range of motion, stretching, moving what you have as much as you can—is the best treatment for this bastard MS that has invaded our bodies.  Better than any pill, shot or infusion developed by Big Pharm at this point.

That being said I usually exercise at home but occasionaly will venture out to the local high school track to walk with canes and roll around in my wheelchair.

I prefer to go at off-times in order to avoid others during my ackward & clumsy amblings (Picture a baby giraffe).

But being a community facility, there is always someone else present.  That is where my problem begins.


Slow exhale.
Slow exhale.


I can handle the usual “Hi” & “Good morning” without breaking my concentrated effort of putting one foot in front of the other.  I can even muster up a smile during my strained walk.

But frequently I hear shouts of encouragements like “You’re an inspiration!” which are too much for me to handle.

My responses are sarcastic & embarrasing in nature.

I don’t look at it as something inspirational.

Just a bum trying to move while soaking up some vitamin D is more like it.



C'mon, really?
C’mon, really?


Another person said “You motivate me!”

Instead of thanking the person, I responded with “You have low standards.”

(Yes, I can be such an ass at times!)


Strangers are giving these wonderful, heartfelt compliments, though I am not comfortable enough to accept them.

An injured war vet–overcoming obstacles–to persevere…now THAT is an inspiration!

Not someone who wins the disease lottery.

Not someone trying to walk, or drive, or live with a challenge.

Someone fighting to overcome obstacles.  To persevere.

Hmm.  Um.


Supposed to be grumbling under my breath.
Supposed to be grumbling under my breath.


You know, maybe in a way, we as MSers, ARE inspirations to others.

They see us carrying on & moving forward despite a lack of myelin.  Struggling, yes…but with a determination to improve & heal.


For sure, those with multiple sclerosis are a resilient group.

Some of us just need to loosen our tough skin and accept the kind words of others.

And that is something I am working on.


Keep inspiring.



2 Replies to “You’re An Inspiration.”

  1. I too use sarcasm to cover up my own insecurities and feelings of self destruction. People with MS are not heroes, we just try our darndest to keep our heads above water and to just feel as human as possible! 🙂