A Fun But Grave Danger

A Fun But Grave Danger



Health Warning 


There are times in life when one realizes that mistakes were made.  An activity or actions that seem innocent at the time, may later cause repercussions to one’s health.



Today, one beloved movement has become popular for being fun, inspirational and appeals to those of all ages.


The Color Run.
    The Color Run.



This activity is of course, the color run.


During a color run, participants are sprayed, doused and powered with colorful dust.





Fun?  Or fear?
Fun? Or fear?  


Those involved wear white outfits to begin the festivity.

But during the run, those togs quickly become a rainbow-infused mess of colors.


The goal of the color run is to get as messy as possible.

Your colors become a badge of honor.



But as the clothing can be made white again with a thorough cleaning with Oxy Clean, the same can’t be said of your lungs.



A healthy lung.
A healthy lung.  



Yes, your lovely lungs.

Filtering every breath you take, the lungs must now must suffocate through billowing clouds of neon-colored powder.


Absorbing particles which fill the pockets of cilia with a pigment inspired by a Grateful Dead acid trip.





The lungs of a color runner.
The lungs of a color runner.




So much sediment, the healthy lung quickly degrades to the graphic example to the right………..




Years from now, My Odd Sock predicts you will see commercials warning you of the dangers of the color run.

The announcements will be similar to today’s strikingly, explicit messages warning of the dangers of smoking……..





Hello, my name is Jeremy.

And I was a frequent participant in color runs.

(Weez, Gasp)..But today, I stand along the curb (choke, cough) because my lungs have been damaged by the colored power.

I routinely hack-up Pixie-Stick like dust.

Ny spit has more colors than a pack of Skittles.  And my teeth look as though I brush with highlighters.


Jeremy's chest x-ray.
Jeremy’s chest x-ray.



(Gggggrrraaaachchcheeeeezzaaahhh, Phit-tooie)

I urge you to kick the color run habit.

(Snort, chortle)  Because you don’t want to end up like me.

(Hhhhhaaawwk-aaa-looogie, errrahh!)




No lungs were damaged in the writing of this fictitious post.

No experts were consulted, only the imagination of one moron.

Run at your own risk.  All sales final.








5 Replies to “A Fun But Grave Danger”

  1. Great, the mesothelioma lawyers will now have another sideline in ten or twenty years. Someone will have to come up with a scary medical name they can use during late night television commercials?

  2. Yes our life is very important and short now. During the color festival we have to play carefully due to colorful dust. Now in all colors have maximum amount of acids used by manufacturing companies. Point is save our life.

  3. James,
    My thoughts exactly!
    (I fixed your mistake for you)
    Thanks always for your comments.

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    I appreciate your thorough understanding of this damaging activity.
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