Brain Drain #12

Brain Drain #12

Can’t get enough of Brain Drain?  Enjoy this Best Of #12

DrainIt has been a looong winter–too long to be cooped up inside!

The same can be said of a few topics inside the pea-brain of My Odd Sock.

Time for a Brain Drain.  Time to flush out the poisons.

Let’s get started…..

So Stuck-I’m Stupid

stuck in Ohio

These “Stuck in Ohio” stickers have popped up in the rear-windows of cars like dandelions on my summer lawn.

So does my blood pressure when I see one!

“How pompous” I thought.  “Stuck in Ohio?  Ohio’s not so bad.  I’ve lived here all my life!”  I huffed & puffed, “if you hate it so much here in Ohio–MOVE!”

Yeah, where ya gonna go…..Indiana?   Ha Ha–jerks!

I was spitting nails.

Then in my research for this writing, I discover “Stuck in Ohio” isn’t a statement of discontent.  “Stuck in Ohio” is actually a group of film producers “who specialize in pop culture, board sport lifestyles and music video production.”  Creative folk…ah, stuck in Ohio.

Sorry S.I.O. for my quick-tempered judgement—I’m just a cranky old man.

Let me hike my pants above my belly-button and shuffle away in shame.

Let’s move on…..

Golden Words

Here are two print ads I thought were interesting.

Friendly'sIn this advertisement for Friendly’s Restaurants, they offer the “guilt-free Happy Ending Sundae.”

Now, I may be wrong but the term “happy ending” has usually been associated with sleezy, adult massage parlors.

Friendly’s thought it was such an important marketing gimmick, they trademarked the phrase!

Honestly, I don’t believe ANYONE in the business world was lining up to make these words their own!


Old Navy

What?  Has Old Navy got out of shilling the cheap t-shirts that are trashed after one washing…and entered the illegal baby trade business?

Folks spend thousands of George Washingtons on fertility treatments.  Some travel to the ends of the earth to adopt a child.  Who knew I could go to my local Old Navy pick up some cargo pants and get a child as low as five dollars!

That’s where they get you…..”from $5 dollars.”

Do you suppose the ones who are potty-trained are MORE expensive?

Moving along….

Miner Forty-Niner

Gold RushQuite possibly the dumbest new TV show has to be the Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush.”

This group of bearded mental giants believe they will achieve fortune by building a “gold-panning” operation in Alaska.  Trouble is, they have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and so far have panned for only a palm-sized cache of AU.  In fact, I have more gold in the fillings of my teeth than these ZZ Top look-alikes have uncovered!

ZZ Top

You know, I haven’t seen of heard of ZZ Top in ages.  Maybe the Gold Rush guys are ZZ Top minus the shades!

Save panning for gold for the people vacationing the western tourist traps…and save your eyes from watching “Gold Rush.”

Phew, is spring here yet?  I hope it gets here soon or else my head will explode!

That does it for this Brain Drain.  Feel free to unload your cranial baggage with a comment if you wish.  Till next time.


2 Replies to “Brain Drain #12”

  1. Hi! Wanting winter to be over can lead to our own stupidity too. A few years back I was at a weekend getaway for men with ms. It was held at the beautiful Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria, MN. These getaways or retreats were held in conjuction with one of the Minnesota ms Chapter’s biggest fund raisers, snowmobile tours. The resort is really great with hot tubs, jaccussi’s, a beautiful swimming pool, great restaurants, game rooms and excersize room. Then stupidity raised it’s ugly head. It was February and we wanted winter to be over, we wanted to be outside. Sevral of us rose early that Saturday morning, took our fishing poles and equipment out onto the lake to ice fish. We would still be out there frozen to the lake except that in the 26 degree below zero temperatures, the 40 mph winds kept blowing our bait cans away. Even we were convinced spring had not yet arrived!

    Keep up the good work.