Who Me?

Who Me?

You Are An InspirationJust after the local high school’s graduation ceremony, I found myself in the middle of a crush of new grads, proud parents and others.

It was then I was approached by an older gentleman (a person I’ve known casually for several of years).

We shook hands while I congratulated him on his grandson’s graduation.

That’s when he thanked ME.  He said he sees me all over town & at school events.

He continued…”You are an inspiration to others how you overcome challenges to participate & contribute in functions.  You should be commended!”  (He said “commended” not “committed.”)

I awkwardly smiled while looking over my shoulder thinking he was talking to someone behind me.

He wasn’t.

I thanked him for his kind words and then tried to downplay myself with “You do what you have to do.”

You inspire usDon’t get me wrong.  It was quite honorable of him to say those things—I just don’t feel deserving of the praise.

And I think you might agree.

Whether you have MS, ALS, cancer or any other icky disease, you’re not trying to be an inspiration, a hero or even a super-hero.

You’re just trying to live as normal a life as you can.

You just want to go to the mall, go to work, the museum and the grocery like everyone else.

An inspiration?  Nah.  Just an average cup of joe trying to move forward.  (Slowly, but forward.)

Inspiration to idiots

Hey now, THAT’S a compliment I can live with!

A distinction I’ve worked my entire life to earn.

Thank you.

Well deserved!

How about you?  Do you see yourself as an inspiration?  Or are you just being yourself?

I would love to hear your thoughts.




……After thirty minutes of trying to think of a clever ending to this dribble, I’ll simply tell you to keep doing what you can.  Use it all everyday.  Leave nothing to spare.

If others see you as an inspiration, so be it.  You know you’re just being you…and dealing with a circumstance as anyone else.  That’s all.


6 Replies to “Who Me?”

  1. You inspire me my Odd Sock friend!! Of course, there are many people who call me an idiot so I don’t know if that is helpful or not!

  2. Others may see me as an inspiration, but I see myself as someone who is just making the best out of a situation that made life more difficult than anticipated. If they are inspired then I hope they do something with it besides just feeling good about saying how I inspired them.

  3. Paul,
    Exactly. Well said. Thank you!

    Thank you Yvonne. And no, that’s not helpful!

  4. Well said Odd Sock but next time try not to stutter so much!
    Your friend from the northern climes

  5. Actually Sock, it’s my most hated phrase. It makes no sense to me that it is said to people who need most to be inspired but are put in the position of feeling obliged to give inspiration to others. It leaves me feeling that in addition to dealing with my condition, I must also live up to others’ ideals. I’ve drafted a post about this very thing. Maybe someday I’ll have the nerve to put it up. I really like your response. 🙂

  6. Loved it sock. With all that I try to do for others, it’s just me trying to remain active and get as lose to a normal life as everyone else. 🙂