Young Dork

Young Dork


Admit it.

Born a dork.  Always a dork.

It took many years of painstakingly careful, sheltered nurturing to become the dork I am today.

Proof can be found in the 1973 Polaroid photo of a 10-year-old My Odd Sock shown below…..

DummyC’mon, let’s poke fun with a

little kidding.

I’ll start…..

Which one’s the dummy?

Nice khaki pants.  What 10-year-old do you know who wears Khakis?

And a belt?

Hey kid, don’t move your lips.  Better yet, don’t talk!

Raise your hand if you think the other guy is a tool.

I’ll bet the kid tucks his shirt into his underwear.

Look, it’s Jeff Dunham’s worst nightmare.

Careful, if my pants would react with the dummy’s pants, we could have a nerd explosion!

What stage presence!  Not sure who’s more wooden.

From the photo I’m not sure if I’m trying to work the puppet—or subdue it!

Some people are afraid of dolls.  From the look on my face, folks should be scared of ventriloquists!

1973?  The doll might be volunteering to go to Vietnam.

Who knew forty years later my legs would work as well as the dummy’s!

OK, I’m done.

Be my guest and add your own wisecracks as a comment.

Don’t be shy.  And don’t worry, I have thick shin!


4 Replies to “Young Dork”

  1. Whose head is wooden? Wooden you like to know? Isn’t it great to know we were nerds before it was cool to be a nerd?

  2. Tina,
    Thank you for your comment. By the way, how are your cataracts?

    Yes, fantastic point! We were trend-setters!