For Men Only

For Men Only

Manly smaller

This was written for MEN with multiple sclerosis.

Written from a man’s perspective.

Understood by those of us with a “Y” chromosome.

If females try to read this, they will become confused by the hidden, secret code words (topics only guys understand) scattered throughout in bold face type.

I hear you brother—you got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Me too, back in 1996.  Three Stooges.

Being a guy, you probably wonder how it could have happened, right?

You may be saying to yourself…”MS strikes mostly women.  Heck, my wife gets mail addressed to MS.  What gives, huh?”

Prostate Gland.

A man's john.
A man's john.

Well let me assure you, multiple sclerosis does affect two to three times more females than males.  But you’re gonna be OK.  Promise.  TV Remote.

Yeah, it would have been more macho to get a diagnosis of say, I dunno, athletes foot…or a groin pull.

Now that’s manly!  Bacon.

“Pulled my groin lifting a car off a small child” sounds way cooler than “I have multiple sclerosis and now move slower than continental drift.”  Westerns.

A man's man
A man's man

MS takes some getting use to.  Whoppers.

Over time, you’ll probably have to make some adjustments in your life…if you haven’t had to already.  Back hair.

But you’ll make it through.  Just as you did when you were 16 and had to tell Dad you wrecked the car.  Wiping mouth on sleeve.

A man's cotton swab.
A man's cotton swab.

Yep, MS is a real kick in the shorts for us guys.  But when you think about it, MS is a kick in the culottes for the ladies as well.  Weed Wackers.

We simply must learn to move forward.  Battleship.

And together, maybe, we can beat this thing called multiple sclerosis.


6 Replies to “For Men Only”

  1. Ms. CrankyPants,
    I’m so glad you didn’t read this. Apparently, others didn’t read it either as you are the first, and only, comment!
    Thank you for your comment though.

  2. Margaret,
    You should know better NOT to believe anything on this web site!
    Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. Veronica,
    No, I just trudge around with two canes, a rollator, an AFO, sleep with an eight-pound Dynasplint on my leg, use a wheelchair and drive with hand controls for shits & giggles.
    Sorry, Clint Eastwood does NOT have MS. Lighten up lady.