Grab A Mop, I Think I’m Melting

Grab A Mop, I Think I’m Melting

Frosty melting

NOW I understand why Frosty got a little nutsy when the mercury began to climb.

Sweating like Mike Tyson at a spelling bee, he was.

If you are living anywhere south of the Arctic Circle, you know it’s been hot.  Humid too.  The dynamic duo of disaster for those of us with multiple sclerosis.

“I’ll be alright.  It’s early morning” I thought as I volunteered to work at a registration table last Saturday.

“Eight in the morning…how bad can it get?” I said, reporting for duty.

Gulp.  The table sat directly in the sun.

No shade.  The only shadow was on my unshaven face.

“It’s only for a few hours” I justified.


Me.  8am.

Luckily I was busy for the first hour and a half.  I didn’t even have a chance to think about how it felt to be a french fry under a heat lamp.


Me.  9:30am.

But it wasn’t so much the heat—just a strong sun beating down on my male-pattern-baldness noggin.

Where was that cooling vest I owned?  Oh yeah, still in the box it came in.  Sitting not IN, but on TOP of the refrigerator in the basement.  (That’s a good place for it, you big putz!)


Me.  11am.

Yep, that’s me.  A puddle.

Three hours later and I was whipped.

Karen frosty

I could barely roll my wheelchair back to the car.

Cute little Karen would have been sobbing for me just like she did when Frosty melted.

(I always wanted to tell her not to cry—that Frosty probably would have a shortened life anyway on account he was a smoker!)

I made my way home and collapsed on the floor.

I took a snooze.  And a few hours later, I took another.

The day was wiped out.

Lesson learned….As an MSer, be careful in the heat & sun.  Stay out of it if at all pssible.

And your cooling vest?  Put it in the freezer for the next outing.

Now please excuse me while I grab a mop.


5 Replies to “Grab A Mop, I Think I’m Melting”

  1. I know exactly what you mean! It’s fortunate for me, though, that the humidity doesn’t bother me as much as the relentless heat. Even a few minutes in the sun and I’m a limp noodle. Well, buck up, Frosty, there are still many weeks to go before the fall arrives.

  2. I officially do not like summer. The heat and humidity are just a nightmare.. I have noticed that my cooling vest does help but I am afraid to wear it out of the house as it makes me look like a suicide bomber…