What Are You Thinking?

What Are You Thinking?




If you have multiple sclerosis or any other neurological disfunction, you probably have found yourself stuffed inside a medical sausage casing—better known as an MRI.

Taking part in a research study, I have found myself in this position five or six times in the the past few months.

With nothing to do during the procedure, I found myself thinking some weird stuff.  (YOU?  Nooo.)



I have often wondered during an MRI, if the machine can record my thoughts.

Fact is, it can.


Here is the proof with some actual images recorded during my last MRI……



Right 1 - Copy











Left 1 - Copy










Right 1










Left 1





What a handsome profile!





Right 2 - Copy










Left 2 - Copy




Take another, I blinked.






Right 2





Even on an MRI, my nose looks big.





Left 2










Right 3










Left 3 - Copy






The face only a mother could love.




Right 4










Left 3










Right 5




(Yep, he goes for the potty humor)

No class.





Left 4










Right 6


















Wow, sorry you had to venture inside the mind of My Odd Sock.  Hope it didn’t scar you too much.

So, during an MRI. what are YOU thinking?
























10 Replies to “What Are You Thinking?”

  1. I don’t think…could be dangerous…instead I sing show tunes in my head….the MRI sounds go great with tunes from “The Lion King”. 🙂

    Did an “Open MRI” once. The facility was like a 5 star hotel, and they gave you headphones that played your choice of music. It was a “spa like” experience. I only did it one time to try it out. My doctor said they weren’t as accurate, and the place I usually go, is known for it’s “state of the art” machines. As long as I had to suffer during the procedure, I wanted the best reading possible.

  2. Like Margaret, I go for mentally singing songs that go with the pinging, banging, and whirring. The hour flies by… sort of. I also think of a good movie, and go through all the scenes. But that isn’t as time-consuming as the music.
    I did get a kick out of your thought balloons!

  3. OMG! I thought I was the only one to have all those crazy things show up on the reads. 🙂 Loved it sock…thanks for a great laughter attack…ouch my busted rib hurts…breath breath…

  4. Oh, I really hate MRI’s. I am usually so preoccupied with my claustrophobic fears, that I can’t think of much other than getting the heck out of that tube!

  5. I think weird thoughts. I did ok on my first couple of MRI’s but when I got the cervical MRI w contrast I almost freaked out. I will never not pick up my “stress reducing” pill again. Do you take something to calm yourself down. Feels like the longest 35 minutes of my life!!! So, how are your scans going?
    Sending light your way,

  6. Neither scared or scarred as a result of seeing those laughable thoughts!

    Trapped in that face-cage, I try to think of scuba diving, of fish and plants and water and more fish. Well, it beats thinking of Hannibal Lechter, which is a direction I really shouldn’t go down, as then I start thinking of liver and fava beans, which sounds to me like the most disgusting meal ever. So, back to diving!

  7. Gale,
    Scuba diving? I never thought of that one. Maybe a catcher on a baseball team–using your fingers, you could give “signs” to the technician. (Exactly what pitch is associated to the middle finger?)

    Thank you for your comment!

  8. “Don’t think about having to pee”
    “Don’t think about having to pee”
    “Don’t think about having to pee”
    “Don’t think about having to pee”
    “Don’t think about having to pee”
    “Don’t think about having to pee”
    “Don’t think about having to pee”

    p.s. just found your blog; it’s great!

    Ms. CrankyPants

  9. Great site, good humor. Before going into the machine, I go all New Age and imagine I am going into a metal vagina so when I am finished I get re-born. Unfortunately, I am never re-born with my 24 year old body, or at least a new brain and spinal cord.

  10. Paul,
    “Metal vagina?” You made me laugh out loud on that one!
    Being “reborn” would always be a breech birth, correct?
    Thanks for reading & commenting!