Take A Load Off

Take A Load Off


New stuff coming next week, so in the meantime, enjoy the number two look at this older My Odd Sock……..


We live for competition.  The challenge of human will, spirit, guts and gusto. 

Me vs You.  We vs Them in an epic battle, mano-to-mano in the crowning of the eventual victor.




Nothing captures the essence of our competitive drive like the new TV commercial for Luvs diapers.

Have you seen it?


Soon to be as memorable as the USA “Miracle on Ice” hockey game, the Luvs diaper commercial pits animated babies in a diaper-filling poopfest!

Who knew the will to win was so strong at such a young age?


luvs judgesLike “Idol” or “Dancing With The Stars”, the Luvs TV commercial features a panel of three “excretory experts” who rate the size of a baby’s dupa.

(I’m not sure if the judge in the middle is wearing sunglasses…or a protective visor against flying you know what!)



Despite being adorably cute babies, the contestants in this event take it serious!

Similar to a marathon runner’s “carbo loading” before a big race, these babies were busy eating their share of strained beets, peas and pureed squash, creamed corn, mushed broccoli & carrots and spoonfuls of apple custard with hopes of being the winner.


luvs concentration

Each baby competitor takes his or her place on the platform. 

Then, with red-faced concentration, straining & grimacing, they fill their diapers to the structural limits.

The diapers “balloon” under the pressing stresses—but thankfully, these are Luvs diapers–so there is no chance for leaks and spills.


luvs champion


“Ten” the judges award in unison.

The crowd roars with approval and the winners take their places on the podium.



I have seen this commercial numerous times and with each viewing, I look on with amazement.  Am I disgusted, shocked, entralled, bemused…or all of the above?

Let me know if you have seen it AND what you think about it?

Good or bad, all I know is never before in competition has “number two” dictated who is to be “number one!”



7 Replies to “Take A Load Off”

  1. I think this commercial is disgusting. And it’s definitely not funny. I’m now certain I’ll never buy Luv’s for grandchildren. I would hope this ridiculous commercial will be short-lived.

  2. Man, oh man, there is a reason to change the channel immediately or turn the tv off and walk away.

    Nothing against bathroom humour, but that sounds disgusting^10000 or more. It’s understandable that parents might want or need to release the tension from dealing with baby crap (literally and figuratively), so I hope that this commercial airs only during shows that have parents as an audience.

    *shudder* Ew.

  3. Soon to be as memorable as the USA “Miracle on Ice” hockey game, the Luvs diaper commercial pits animated babies in a diaper-filling poopfest!

  4. The ad, which features an animated baby talent show where the judges assign scores based on how much fecal matter each of the three grunting tots can dump into their diapers, earned slightly more than 32% of the vote, beating out the runner up, an AT&T ad (23.98%) in which a man’s wife decides to unload what appears to be decades of pent-up anger after he tells her he signed the family up for some sort of unlimited texting plan.