The BCS MS Bowl Season

The BCS MS Bowl Season



On Sunday, the BCS announced the complete college football bowl schedule.

Thirty-five games in all.  And once again, not one game–not a single down, will be played in honor of those of us with multiple sclerosis.

My Odd Sock football


Shunned.  Those rat bastards.


Well, my shuffling friend, all that is about to change!

My Odd Sock has been busy organizing our very own MS bowl season.  Eight games are on tap so far.  (Maybe more will be included with your creativity!



Let’s visit our “BCS MS Bowl Season”…..



First up, is the Avonex Bowl.

This game is played, leaving both teams and all the fans in attendance feeling like crap the next day.






Next, it’s the “Sharp’s Container Bowl.”

Always a close game between bitter rivals, the Sharps Container Bowl guarantees fans will be sitting on pins & needles right till the very end.




Handicap parking space

Followed by the “Handicap Parking Bowl.”

In an odd twist, this stadium has very few non-handicap spots in the lot.  Fans without a disabled placard are forced to circle the lot looking for an empty space.





ref throwing flag



Then, it is the “Leg Spasm Bowl.”

Always lots of penalties in this contest.

Almost all flags are thrown for movement on the line.





porta pot


We will have the “Bladder Incontinence Bowl.”

Instead of the usual three timeouts per half, each team will be allowed to call ten timeouts per half……for potty breaks, of course.




social secirity


Pending approval is the “Social Security Disability Bowl.”

Organizers can never agree on the date of this game.

Some want it played at the beginning of the month, while others insist it be played at the end of the month.





That will be followed by the “Medical Marijuana Bowl.”

This game occurs every year, but no one can remember which teams played–or who won.  And frankly, they don’t care!

Always a mind-blowing half time show.

And the concession stands are the best (and the busiest) of the bowl season.





Finally, we have the “MRI Bowl.”

This bowl game is played in a domed stadium.  A very small one at that.

The single spectator is packed wall to wall.  A sell-out crowd.

You can tell from the opening coin toss, this is going to be a close game.

Not much passing occurs during the MRI Bowl.  And the kicking game is pretty much eliminated.

Always a festive event, Grand Marshall Danny Devito invites you to enjoy this year’s theme…”It’s A Small World.”



Those eight games should represent the MSers well.

Please feel free to add your own BCS MS Bowl Game in a comment!

So grab a bag of chips and settle in for a spirited season of football.  It’s the BCS MS Bowl Season, brought to you My Odd Sock style.



4 Replies to “The BCS MS Bowl Season”

  1. I’ll be in charge of getting us the stadium. I live in Jacksonville Florida, Home of the Gator Bowl. I’ll make some calls. We can probably use the stadium as long as it’s not being used by the Jaguars.

  2. How about the “Prednisone Bowl?” This game can be played by people who have ramped up to 1000 mg of Prednisone for a truly bone crunching good time. Nothing like a bunch of pissed off, high on prednisone players to see some truly masterful displays of aggression and irrationality! The flags will be flying!

  3. Lisa,
    That’s funny! Never gave prednisone a thought. The game could be played late at night ’cause all the amped up prednisone takers never sleep!
    Thanks for your comment.

  4. These are really good…although I will be asked to benched during the MRI bowl, I almost freaked out on my last spinal cord MRI and I will never again do an MRI without medication!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, by the way how are you feeling after the stem cell infusion? I read your last post. Wow! This takes courage….I laughed out loud at the white suv. Out of control, seriously, i love it!!!!
    Sending light your way,