My Odd Sock Doorbuster Savings!

My Odd Sock Doorbuster Savings!

Shop Early!  Save Big! 

black FridayMy Odd Sock will open early Friday at 2am.


 Save 50% on punchlines, jokes & puns.

Save 40% on all inane references to “B” list celebrities.

Buy one call-back joke and get the second one free!



Multiple Sclerosis symptoms are also included!

Save big on body tremors and foot-drop.

Substancial savings on balance, slurred speech & incontinence.


Short term memory loss and depression are not included in this sale.

Depression and short term memory are not included in this sale.

Don’t miss the After-Thanksgiving Black Friday holiday sale at My Odd Sock.



9 Replies to “My Odd Sock Doorbuster Savings!”

  1. I got it. I saw so many people leaving the neighborhood at 5-6 this morning…it was funny. I just couldn’t imagine even attempting to stand in lines to save on a few items if I happened to be one of the lucky few. Let’s see…I need a chair to save them on liability in case some idiot kicks my crutch out from under me…and security to bust a path to the restrooms….to save them again on liability. 🙂 Cleanup in Aisle 5. 😉

  2. Hi, I’m Tim and have MS. I’m in a wheel chair now and have an ileostomy, bet you could have fun with that!! I would like to talk with you sometime. I don’t use the computer much, my sister is doing this for me. I have a friend named Brenda who has written 3 books, she has a colostomy and is a stand up comedian. Funny material, yours and hers. I like your work, enjoy the humor. You are one crazy guy (Steve Martin Quote). Thanks for the laughs.

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  4. Awesome blog! I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess I‘ll just have to keep checking yours out. .LOL,

  5. LOL, love the vaudeville reference “buy one call-back joke and get the second one free.” Oh, the stories you must have about your salad days…

  6. What is the return policy? I have several of the MS symptoms you have on sale and would like to return them!! 🙂 I don’t even want my money back! You can just take them back and sell them to someone else..perhaps someone you don’t really like! 🙂