Gotta Go Right Now

Gotta Go Right Now


This may be from the past, but it is still true today.  Enjoy!


gotta goI hear ya.  You’re saying “Another MS post about bladder control?…We know the drill.  Take a pill would you!”

Alas, you are wrong!

This isn’t about the bladder or the enlarging prostate at all—it’s about my self-described “gotta go mode.”

(Though I must confess I’m intrigued by those commercials in how a pill will know to shrink my prostate only—I’m afraid it might shrink another vital organ in the neighborhood!)

Yes, my “gotta go mode”…..the urge to arrive early at heavily attended events such as concerts and sporting events.

Please understand with multiple sclerosis as my partner, things move slower.  I move slower.

It’s like being in a three-legged race……with a statue!

The ocean’s tide makes a faster entrance.

So by arriving early, I have ample time to make my way to a seat without disturbing others in attendance.




There is nothing more embarrassing than arriving “fashionably late” and having to move through a crowd when you walk like Star War’s 3CPO!



I have canes and leg braces and the foot-skill grace of Frankenstein.


I’ve stepped on more toes than a corporate muckety-muck.


When you arrive late, all the seats along the aisle are taken, so you must trudge to the middle of the row.  Problem is, my MS-induced forward stoop means, while moving down the aisle, all those already seated enjoy my big ass in their face.  While those who are polite enough to stand get a quick pelvic brush as I move past them.  ( I think I’ve given more “lap dances” than a stripper at Zanadu Gentlemen’s Club!)

Time is ticking.
Time is ticking.



Thus, my “gotta go mode” gets me there early enough to avoid all the fun and embarrassment of finding a seat.

It’s that simple.



Gotta go gotta go gotta go right now.  Sure it may be known as the funny song describing an overactive bladder—but with my multiple sclerosis, it means something completely different.


2 Replies to “Gotta Go Right Now”

  1. Exactly the same for me. I go early to everything as I hate trying to find a place to sit. It’s actually better to plan an early arrival or the temptation to avoid it all crawls in…and that would just suck to miss some of those special events.