Hooked On Hoveround

Hooked On Hoveround


Take a spin through this My Odd Sock from the past!


I’m an addict.

I gotta have it.

My body & mind crave it.

But I can only find it late mornings during “The Price is Right” or the 10am version of the “Today Show” that no one watches.


hoveround 1

Of course, I’m referring to the TV commercials for Hoveround Power Chairs!

C’mon, sing it with me……

I can go go go in my Hoveround.

Indoors, outdoors—all over town.”




That catchy tune rings in my head like a migraine!

I LOVE this commercial.  I could watch it over and over!  Seriously!

There are so many things happening during this :60 treasure, I’m a 47 year old kid at Christmas every time it airs!



hoveround 4

I’m giddy with joy from the spot’s opening riffs from a Casio keyboard.


But then the sight of so many happy seniors aboard their Hoverounds spinning, twirling and frolicking through streets, parks & waterfronts put me over the edge!



Mesmerized, I have so so many unanswered questions.

Oh sure, I could call 1-800-542-7236 and speak to someone from the “team of Hoveround specialists who can help me every step of the way.”

But I don’t have questions about the chair—I have Q’s about the filming of the commercial!

Questions like….Were the senior Hoveround users who spun so fluidly in the commercial “professional drivers?”

Was it fimed on a closed course?

Were any of the actors treated for motion-sickness?

Were there trained medical professionals on hand in case of an emergency, or God forbid, a Hoveround collision?

How ’bout a tow truck?

And finally, was a choreographer used to create the routine?  (I imagine there is some choreographer out there kicking themselves for turning down “Dancing With The Stars” to take the Hoveround gig instead!)



hoveround 2


Hoverounds can even drive over small dogs!






The images throughout the commercial are priceless.

These seniors move like gimpy synchronized-swimmers out of water.

They creep, single-file through a city park….a gang of mobility hoodlums in search of an early-bird dinner special.

There is the remake of the Beatles’ famous Abbey Road crosswalk scene.  (One can only hope the curbs are handicap-accessible!)



hoveround 3

Then, Tom Kruse, owner of Hoveround, comes onscreen.  My how the movie biz has taken a toll on this poor lad.  (You do one too many “Mission Impossible” movies and you fall apart!)



Please don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Hoverounds are fine mobility chairs that have helped thousands of folks regain their independence.  (Hell, I may even need one myself in years to come!)

I’m simply recounting the dozens of thoughts that cross my simple mind during a Hoveround broadcast.

Ready for another sing-a-long?

I can go go go in my Hoveround.

Indoors, outdoors…all over town.”

Roll on!


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  1. Everytime Tom Kruse comes on, I always look up and expect to see Jerry Maguire.